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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson was born November 22, 1984 in New York. Her father, originally from Denmark, worked in Manhattan in the construction, and his mother bringing up children - sons Adrian and Hunter and daughters Vanessa and Scarlett. Hunter was born just a few minutes later, Scarlett and a long time they were regarded as twins - but when they grew up, the similarities they have turned out not so much about, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in "Twins." Scarlett was named in honor of Gone with the Wind "- more precisely, Scarlett O'Hara.

None of the relatives Johansson had no relationship to either movies or the theater - her acquaintance with the world of showbiz has happened quite by accident. One of the friends of the family planted the idea of girls' parents to take them on any casting. Deciding to try their luck, Scarlett's mother devoted all children in the sample for commercials - then the girl was only 7 years old. As a result of the whole family Johansson impression on the producers made the eldest son - Adrian. But she could not accept the fact that his brother walked her and throw a tantrum right in the office of casting agencies. It is to everyone's surprise it turned out that the girl has to 7 years of hurt and dreamed of the cinema itself to participate in the cinema.

Scarlett began with admirable tenacity to attend a casting for the other, often without knowing anyone looking for this commercial video - it could sit in the queue a few hours before it became clear that the filmmakers needed a Chinese boy. :)

Scarlett's mother supported her in every way in an effort to become an actress - in particular, she decided to give it to the Lee Strasberg Theater, University of secession for gifted children. While studying there from 8 to 11 years, Scarlett has succeeded, and soon began playing small roles on the theatrical stage. Within six months of training in the Department for Children, she was transferred to the adult actors exchange, where she could, being younger than everyone, keep them in development of Stanislavsky method.

In contrast to the promotional role, which she never managed to get an early age, with the movie business at once went wrong. In 1994, she was offered a small role in the movie "North" by Rob Reiner - a map, by the way, you can also see a young Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings "), while also beginning his career in cinema.

Then came the role of the daughter of Sean Connery in the film «Just Cause», where Connery played a professor of jurisprudence, ratuyuschego for the abolition of the death penalty, while his daughter becomes a victim of a maniac.

Realizing quickly that combine studies in a normal school with the shooting she did not get Scarlett, first moved into a private school and then did start taking lessons on various subjects directly on the set. But in the end still decided to go to school for gifted children in Manhattan and graduated in 2002.

With next-tape "thieves» / «Manny And Lo» /, withdrawn former assistant Jim Jarmusch Lisa Krueger, Scarlett finally noticed, in particular, it drew the attention of Sofia Coppola, is only beginning to think about the director's career. In the story 16-year-old Lo (Aleksa Palladilno) and her younger sister, Manny (Yoahnson) fall in children's shelters, after-drinking their mother no longer care for them. Lo managed to escape, she rescues her sister, and together they went on a risky journey. For this role, Johansson was nominated for «Independent Spirit»

Next was continuous comedy "Home Alone 3", where the actress played the older sister of the hero Alex Linz, who came to replace Makala Culkin in this sequel to the popular comedy. However, after finishing school, Lee Strasberg, and playing with such actors as Sean Connery, Scarlett did not want her career was developing the script of the same Culkin, and therefore, such experiments try to minimize.

Prove that this is not empty ambition, Scarlett has been following his work in the film by Robert Redford's "The exorcist Horses» / «The Horse Whisperer» /. Initially this project was to be played by Natalie Portman, but because of the tight schedule was unable to allocate time. In this drama, Scarlett plays a girl seriously injured in an accident on a horse. Her mother, grieved injured daughter, decides to move with her to the province, where fate brings them to anyone having a special gift of communicating with animals. Being engaged in treating the horses, he also managed to instill hope and a girl, regaining her self-confidence and love of life. For work in this movie, Scarlett was nominated for young actors / Young Artist award /.

After a series of dramatic roles, Johansson co-starred in the family comedy "My Brother Svin» / My Brother The Pig /, where she played the 14-year-old girl whose brother was turned into his nanny in the pig, then it is nothing left to do but go on a long journey to Mexico in search of a witch, able to remove the curse.

The next work actress became black comedy "Ghost World» / Ghost World /, based on a comic (specifically, the graphic novel) Daniel Klovsa and "Man, that was not" the Coen brothers with Billy Bob Thornton in the title role.

Also in 2001, on the screens out "American Rhapsody", screenwriter and directed by Eva Gardos. Ribbon, the main role in which she performed Nastassja Kinski, tells the story of a Hungarian family, forced to escape repression to leave the country during the Cold War, leaving a small daughter, Susanna adoptive parents. After some time matured Susan (Johansson) is reunited with his family, trying to start a new life in a new country (USA), with new parents, with which relations are very, very difficult. The role brought Scarlett award «Young Artist award».

Unfortunately, despite the big luggage of dramatic roles, actors are not always able to choose her in the future only those roles that they are closest. Thus, a succession of serious films Scarlett was interrupted youth thriller "Attack of spiders, where she played the daughter of a sheriff struggling with giant spiders.

At present young talent of the actress helped uncover tape Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation. "Sad, melancholic story of two solitudes, who managed to find each other in a strange city, was the opening of the year - the tape was awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Film, Best Screenplay and Best Actor (Bill Murray), Scarlett was also nominated, but lost Diane Keaton ( "Something's Gotta Give"). However, without an actress awards did not stay and was named best actress, but the British kinoakademikami. In the same year, Scarlett was nominated for a Golden Globe and the other for his film - "Girl with a Pearl Earring with Colin Firth in the leading role.

By increasing momentum, in 2004, Scarlett participated as much in 4 projects, of which deserves special attention drama "Love Fever" (which is also notable for an unusual way in which we saw an John Travolta), as well as the comedy "Cool Company" with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. However, comedy, this film could be called a stretch - this lyrical tape tells the story of the relationship between the former head of the advertising department of a large firm and his young boss (Topher Grace). Scarlett is the daughter of 51-year-old hero Cade, fell in love with the young head of his father.

In its incomplete 22 года Scarlett is currently one of the most talented and popular actresses in Hollywood. In the next couple of years, her work schedule had already painted in full - to approach the fantastic Action chief of Hollywood pyrotechnics, Michael Bay ( "Armageddon", "Rock," "Pearl Harbor") - in his "Island" the company would be Ewan McGregor, Scarlett. Plus the work is the third "Mission: Impossible Tom Cruise and« Match Point »Woody Allen.


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