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Jennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez) was born in the Bronx July 24, 1970 by immigrants from Puerto Rico - Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. Its birth, it was the company to his two sisters - Linda and Leslie. The family lived in poverty. Parents tried to ensure their daughters and give them the best. They save money and sent Jennifer a Catholic school. Guadeloupe has sought to shield her daughter from the streets. And for this purpose, write it in school dances, as soon as the little Jenny was five years old. There Jen studied ballroom dance and flamenco. I reached a favorite element of such success that two years later took part in the urban concerts.
Over the years, love to dance and song at a young Jennifer Lopez only intensified. Jennifer Lopez with fourteen years began to take singing lessons and performed with pleasure in all school productions. However, the mother perceived her hobbies only as a hobby. Guadeloupe wanted her daughter went to college and became a lawyer. So Jenny had to leave the dreams to become a singer and obey the will of the parents. On their insistence, in 17 years she goes to work in a law office. Then her eyes on the announcement comes across on the admission of students in a dance school in Manhattan, where Jennifer Lopez and goes. So, the day - work, and in the evenings and at night she dances. Then Jennifer Lopez goes to college. But the dance school she attends with no less zeal. After just a semester, finally deciding to become a dancer, a future star casts college. And for this reason she leaves the house because the parents did not realize its aspirations.
The first thing encountered Jennifer Lopez in a big world - lack of housing. House it becomes a dance hall studio. While Jennifer was shot in cheap videos, a dance show for twenty dollars. And every day she went to trial, but the attempts were in vain. Because of the Puerto Rican Jennifer nowhere taken. It took eight months of unsuccessful attempts to find work, and Jennifer fell into a depression. She lost hope that something will turn until .... Until she was nineteen. Then Jennifer's first time lucky. Jennifer Lopez, always wanted to become an actress, dancer's stage career began in musicals. She took a tour of Golden Musicals of Broadway. " Nine months later, she has toured Japan with the musical "Synchronicity" and was insanely happy.
Two years later (she continued her triumphant ascent to the musical Olympus), one of the managers of the show "Living Color" Jennifer Lopez called and offered a sample of the role of the dancer. Jennifer went around two thousand rivals and won the role. Only one thing clouded the happiness of Jennifer Lopez: she was very lonely. She had no friends, a loved one. Dancing for Jennifer were all replacing her personal life ...
But her career progressed. Jennifer Lopez will soon hit in Hollywood - after the show "Living Color" she received an invitation to the role of one of the dancers in the comedy "In the living world" by winning the first great contest. Even then, she wanted to play a serious dramatic role. After several seasons of participation in the commercial series of motives painting "In the living world" for the first time co-starred Jennifer Lopez as an actress in TV series "South Central", producer and screenwriter who was the husband of her friend. Show outdated even before it started, but it paved the way for an actress to roles in two more cartoons: "Second Chance" and "Road Malibu.
Jennifer Lopez finished his career in television in 1993, deciding to devote himself to the big screen. The following year she won the role in a feature film directed by Gregory Nava "My family". The film was enthusiastically received by critics and revealed a new acting talent in Hollywood filmmakers. Jennifer Lopez in 1996, thanks to this role was a small role in Francis Coppola's comedy "Jack". Picture is not too successful, but it does not hurt Jennifer Lopez.
To get the main role in "Selena" (1997), she had to go through a very intense listening: from twenty thousand to the role of the debutantes was adopted precisely Lopez. Jennifer received a million dollars for his gift of acting, as shown in the picture. So she became the highest paid Latin actress in the history of Hollywood.
"Selena" marked the beginning of a new life for Jennifer not only in terms of career. Following scrutiny cameras came the long awaited personal happiness. Jennifer Lopez began dating Odzhani Noa, a waiter from Miami. Once at the banquet her boyfriend took the microphone and made her an offer right on the dance floor. They were married in early 1997. And if Jennifer Lopez still was not sure of his stardom, they soon she got a chance to see this, when after two months of marriage crawled false rumors about the impending divorce. (Divorced as Lopez and Noah only a year later.) Fortunately, the newfound popularity presented a Jennifer Lopez is not only unpleasant surprises. For "Selena" was followed by the project "Anaconda", pobivshy record box office. In short, 1997 was a landmark for Jennifer Lopez.
In Bob Rafelsona thriller "Blood and wine" it played in a pair with Jack Nicholson and Oliver Stone in the film "U-Tum" - with Sean Penn. By the way, Jennifer Lopez has been selected from all the stellar actresses for the role in the criminal drama by Steven Soderbergh's "Out of sight" (1998). There, she played the role of the matron, who falls in love with one of the detainees (played by George Clooney), who made her hostage during the escape. Jennifer's next role was in the film fantasy "Ants.
Jennifer Lopez has become known not only as an actress: in 1999, a former dancer, paid tribute to his penchant for music, releasing pop album of Latin American songs: On the 6, which is sold around the world with a circulation of eight million. Her first single, "If you had my love" was present in the hit-lists in the U.S. for five weeks. The next single - "Waiting for tonight" - hit number one, even on the other side of the Atlantic, and Jennifer herself has become the new star of MTV. In early 2001, Jennifer released her second album - J Lo, and although initially this disk has not had much success after the first single, "My love don't cost a thing" new creation has a platinum.
Now the name of Jennifer Lopez has become a legend. Her acting career is gaining momentum, her face - this person L `Oreal, with a calm heart, she said that her dreams realized. Girl from the Bronx became the queen of Hollywood, and most importantly - the queen of hearts of millions of loyal fans around the world


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