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Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston)

Jennifer Aniston (Jennifer Aniston)
To be sure, that wonderful Jenny (full name Jennifer Linn Aniston) fate in show business was destined to from the day of birth - February 11, 1969. Her mother, Nancy Dow (Nancy Dow) worked as a model, and the Pope - John Anistonapulos (John Anistonapulos) starred in soap operas. He is best known has brought the role of the soap opera Days of our Lives, but this was when the girl has matured, and before that he was very little known, so the family is constantly pressed for money. Actor and was godfather to Jennifer - Telly Savalas (Telly Savalas). But soon the family returned to America, but in New York. It was in this famous city of the future was growing popular actress Jennifer Aniston.

My father gave it to the school of Rudolf Steiner, which is famous for the fact that children find in many hidden talents. It turned out that Aniston is very little bad draws; one of her paintings was even exhibited at New York's Museum of the Metropolitan. “But she never thought seriously develop these abilities - Jenny dreamed of the stage, she knew that would be an actress, like her father. It is not surprising that in 11 years, she entered the famous "School of glory" in Manhattan. Parents at that time were already divorced, so even though Jennifer and often visited his father in Los Angeles, his childhood was divided in two. And this period, little is known, Aniston reluctantly talks about his childhood, perhaps because the mother suffered from chronic depression, which were caused by a failure in his personal life.

Classes were given Jenny's easy, and in 1987, acting education in the School of glory "was successfully completed. By this time she was already 18 years old, and I had to decide what to do next. Course, just to get a good part of yesterday's kid is not so simple, so I had to search in addition to roles in productions try myself in another incarnation. She began to attend courses in psychology, and may even become a therapist, but six months later she finally turned up a good role in a play. After reaching the present stage of course was no longer able to think, Aniston was absorbed by the professional game in the theater. However, the play is not very long endured on stage, and the new role was still no ...

Jennifer finds a temporary job as a waitress, and at a school with a very speaking name - "Jackson Hole» (Jackson Hole). As we know, nothing is more prolonged than temporary, so that Aniston stayed at this place for two whole years. Yes, they were shooting in low-budget advertising on TV, several Broadway productions ... but as for this time and could not find an interesting role in the theater, Jenny decides to leave to try his luck in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Aniston met stringent conditions. Rather they put the agent, who agreed to represent her interests. He explicitly stated that Jennifer should lose 13 kilograms of his magnificent figure, or movie star's career may not be the question. The agent was refused, and no wonders, what woman tolerate such criticism in his address, and the more ardent temperament, Jenny? But a few months of unemployment made it possible to realize he was right. Aniston herself in hand and pretty soon brought its shape in order. But all the same success did not come immediately. Had to participate in several serials, until finally in 1993, failed to break into a great movie.

It was the thriller "Leprechaun" from shooting in which Jennifer has remained in the memory a scar on his palm. The film is very much criticized in the press, so much so that Aniston even considered quit acting career. Yet again did not give up, though maybe something changed in her after this picture. In Los Angeles, she lived in the commune of young directors and actors. It was about the TV series "Friends."

When she arrived at the test and passed very strict selection, she was offered the role of Monica Geller clever, but Aniston lobbied hard to convince producers that actually she was more suited to the role of Rachel Green silly. Strange choice? Especially considering that the actress herself is very clever, even calculating, and quite unlike its heroine. Apparently, she just felt that it will succeed. Jennifer got the part. The series "Friends" has become incredibly popular. It has become almost a national heroine in her see frivolous girl who is not afraid to be funny. Rachel hairdo copied millions of women in shops selling clothes Aniston style; it simply adored all the spectators.

Aniston has been repeatedly awarded for an Emmy as best supporting actress in a comedy series, as well as a Golden Globe in 2003. During the past three seasons of "Friends" Jennifer has received a million dollars just for one series. It was a real success. Jennifer first of all cast member of this series started filming in cinema. Now it has already taken in such films as "Along Came Polly!" (Along came Polly), "Bruce Almighty» (Bruce Almighty), "But it is the only" (She's th One), «rumors» (Rumor has it), «Derailed» (Derailed). In addition, she "starred" even in a computer game for film enthusiasts and novice actors. This game is called "director's chair Steven Spielberg.

"I was quite insignificant teenager and never felt like the beautiful" - says Aniston. However, in 2004 she together with her husband Brad Pitt (the now divorced) led the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world, which produces an annual magazine People. Now Aniston has created its own infirm, and in his spare time loves to drive a car in Hollywood at breakneck speed

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