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Angelina Jolie,biography
Angelina Jolie, born on July 4, 1975, is an American actress, Oscar winner and former model.Nositel has 3 Golden Globe awards.
Jolie is the daughter of actor Jon Voight, who is the winner of the 1978 Oscar for best actor in the movie "inglorious return. Her mother, also an actress. Her parents divorced when she was only 2-years.

At age 20, on 28 March 1996, she was married to actor Jonny Lee Miller, whom he met during the filming of the movie "Hackers". Divorced on February 3, 1999 Later on May 5, 2000 married Billy Bob Thornton and divorced on May 27, 2003 After a series of appearances in mediocre productions Jolie finally made his impact with the TV movie George Wallace. The role of the wife of Wallace, it gets a Golden Globe. Next incarnation in Gia, and nominated for Emmy, who bear its portion of a new professional respect and reputation. The young actress began appearing on the covers of different magazines and TV shows

During the 1997-2000 year Legal her big breakthrough in movies with movies like Gia, "Collectors," "Girl, Interrupted," "Gone in 60 Seconds. Cash for the most successful are considered the two parts of "Raiders of the tombs" (Tomb Raider) which plays the eponymous heroine in a video game, Lara Croft. During the filming of the movie "Tomb Raider" Angelina Jolie is closely acquainted with the plight covered in a mini Kambodzha.Tova produces extremely compassionate film zvezda.Tova in her ambition to become a goodwill ambassador to the UN, she held this position since 2001 g.Prez same year, she adopts kambodzhancheto Maddox, who changes her life y.Spored words thanks to him it is real happy with him she feels her life palnotsenen.Godina then Angelina delighted with his son, sister, and adopted a little Zahara from Ethiopia . In this way it expresses its humyannostta. Since 2005, lives with her partner of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brad Pitt, from whom on May 27, 2006 gave birth to her first biological child, a girl in Namibia, Shiloh Nouvel. In March 2007 celebrity couple adoptions vientamskoto orphan Pax.
On 30 May 2008 Angelina gave birth to twins by caesarean section at the clinic "Virgin Mary" located on the seaside boulevard in the French town Nitsa.momcheto says Knox-Leon and the girl-Marshlin Vivian.
Angelina: "I want to have a family like the colors of the rainbow - children of different religions, cultures and countries. I believe that I was destined to find their children in the world and not have them naturally."
"Lookin 'to Get Out" (1982) Comedy written by Al Schwartz and Jon Voight (father of Angelina). Two gamblers must leave New York after one of them loses a large sum of money. Do what they would do every gambler in trouble, start to play a hazard in all casinos in Las Vegas to win back their luck again.

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