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Keira Christina Knightley was born March 26, 1985 in Teddington, Middlesex County, England (although a permanent residence in the actress is safe to assume area of London Richmond - here she spent most of his life). Kira's parents - actor Will Knightley and novelist-playwright Sharman MacDonald - made a wager: a mother's future stars, the last stage actress, has decided to start up with the acting profession and start a second child (they already had a son, Caleb), but her husband had put one condition -- afford another child they can, only if Sherman will sell his play. Thus, the first light appeared on the debut of my mother "When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout" - a play that will soon buy one of the London theaters - and then Kira.
Even in childhood, Knightley was surprised to find her parents asked the agent: it seemed very strange that in their house is torn from the phone calls my mother or father, but she did not offer! However, Cyrus first had to prove to them that she would be able to study well, if it is allowed to be removed: "Education First" - said the parents when the girl was discovered dyslexia (disturbance of reading and writing). We Kira was an incentive: if it is hard to engage (even during school holidays) - it will be an agent! In the end, this struggle has taught her to self-discipline and patience at an early age, which is certainly important for the future actress - as a result of six years, she has got its own agent.
Seven Years Cyrus making her debut in the television movie «Royal Celebration» - her role was just a little girl. Then came the tiny role in first feature film, "Country Studies" (1994) and "white lie" (1995), "Treasure Seekers" (TV, 1996) and a more prominent role of the young Judith Dunbar in a TV melodrama, "Coming Home", the main role which played a movie legend Peter O'Toole.
But so happened that the name of Keira Knightley first appeared on everyone's lips is not in connection with her acting achievements. In 1999, George Lucas, struck by a surprising resemblance to Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, invited her to the role of Sabe, the servant-double of the Queen Amidala in the Hollywood superblokbastere "Star Wars: Episode I. Phantom Menace. Knightley Participation in the project was kept a closely guarded secret, and everyone believed that the two roles she performed herself Portman. The fact that Knightley is sometimes a substitute for his stellar fellow, became clear at once, because even their own mother could not distinguish the two actresses - "twins" when they were in their makeup and costumes!
Random promotion helped Knightley get more serious roles: in 1999 she played Rose Fleming in the British mini-series "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens novel, and In 2001 won her first major role in the Disney TV movie "The Daughter of Robin Hood: Princess of thieves . In the same year 15-year-old Cyrus' first appeared nude in the film "The Pit" (the film was released on screens, while the actress was under 16). Alas, a compelling game Knightley in a dark thriller Nick Hamm did not bring her fame: after the script in the center of the film was much more vivid and ambiguous heroine, Liz Dunn in a performance of another young actress Tora Birch ( "American Beauty").
But that summer, when Cyrus was taking final exams at school, she was invited to play in a film about an Indian teenage girls, which is not so easy to overcome cultural and religious biases of his own family for the love of football. The film was called "Bend It Like Beckham" became a breakthrough Knightley in a great movie - filmed in just 3.5 million pounds, he has collected about 76 million dollars in worldwide box office, and brought the long awaited Knightley fame and popularity. To successfully implement the on-screen image of Juliette Paxton, infecting the audience of his game in football, Cyrus, along with singer starring Parminder Nagri studied the Brazilian method of playing. To remember the sly movement, the girls had to repeat them even at home, day and night - and so within three months of daily sessions with a trainer.Once, when Knightley suffered a concussion in such exercises, the director invited the girls to use the understudy, but both at once refused, explaining that the fact that football tricks - the salt of the film!
Meanwhile, Kira went to college to study Asher classics of English literature and political history, and continued to act in films, choosing the role that could expand her acting range. Thus, in January-March 2002, she was busy on the set of art-house drama about drug addiction "Pure» / «Pure». An unusual experience for the actress was her participation in the two short film for which she received no payment: «The Seasons Alter» ( «Change of Seasons", 2002), modern interpretations of scenes from Shakespeare's play "Midsummer Night's Dream" (the film was made commissioned by the environmental organization Futerra, the patron of which is the mother of Kira), and "New Year's Eve" (2002) director Colin Spector.
Soon, Cyrus was forced to interrupt their studies, which she did not have enough time due to filming in Slovakia - Keira Knightley won the role of Lara Antipova in the four-part telenovela on the classic novel by Pasternak's "Doctor Zhivago" (2002). At year end, Cyrus also appeared in the directorial debut of Richard Curtis' Love Actually "(released in 2003) who used audience success, where she played the bride Juliet, which is secretly in love the best friend of her husband.
"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," released in summer 2003, hire, had a huge success around the world. "Regular features", "natural naturalness and innate taste," "refined manners and a charming British accent" 18-year-old actress, who vied with each admired the leading American publication could not have gone unnoticed in Hollywood - "Lady-romp" with a pretty face was the entrance ticket to the main factory of dreams. However, Knightley herself refers to this quite calmly: "In this business, fame lasts no more than a second: you can shine and then go out. People lose interest to you, because the new faces appear every second. Today it's me, tomorrow I will not be such a person. It's great.I do not mean that, when it is really over, I thought: "Wow, the end!" I will go ahead, do something else, because it should be. It is the law of survival. If you think this is sad, then you have chosen the wrong profession. "
During the filming of "Pirates" Kira worked with stars such as Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. "At first I thought: well, I'm working with Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rashem, Jonathan Price's - I can learn a lot from them, for example - how to become such an incredible ... I'll go explored their secrets. Now I can safely say: I do not teach them absolutely nothing! Johnny, in particular! You know how he does it: blah blah - a cup of tea - ha ha - and then he acts out the scene - again, blah blah - again, a cup of tea ... Where did all come from? My only suggestion: it is simply a genius! "
"On the set there were so many girls, and they were ready to kill me because I kissed Orlando Bloom!". "In general I did not expect to stay there so much!" - Adds Knightley. - "Whatever role I have received, I always thought it incredibly ironic that she gave it to me. As for "Pirates", I took things just a week, because I was absolutely certain - it is through such a period of time I had been fired. I thought they made a tremendous mistake! "
The actress acknowledges that she has a lot to fight to achieve his aim: "I always say" no "- and I'm obsessed with what everyone is constantly arguing: I am not the one who you think me!"
So, Kira at first was rejected by directors "Coat is" (2005) John Meybyuri and "Pride and Prejudice"(2005) Joe Wright: the first did not believe that it can play its part, the second thought that "Knightley is too beautiful to be Elizabeth Bennet "- but she managed to convince both that is suitable for this role like no other.
In 2005, the actress also appeared in a new genre for himself, playing the real-world identity model Domino Harvey, daughter of bohemian parents, turned into a "bounty hunter".
On the approach the second and third parts of "Pirates of the Caribbean", which will be released on screens in the summer of 2006 and 2007 - location, as well as last time, held in Los Angeles and the Caribbean, but rumors of a possible move to their final America Cyrus Knightley denies ever: "Los Angeles - is a terrible place. I come in horror when you need to go to America for promotion for the film. I love this country, but I'm too brit-AAA-NCA! "
Interesting facts about the actress:
- Dreams to play Eleanor of Aquitaine from the movie "The Lion in Winter", but that she must be 50 years old!
- Katharine Hepburn and Vivien Leigh for me icons - not because of talent, but because of their perseverance.
- During the filming of "Pirates of the Caribbean" wore the same corset like Scarlett O 'Hara from Gone with the Wind ": he allowed utyanut her waist up to 18,5 inches - and with the exception of the day, when Cyrus had almost fainted, "It was fantastic."
- "I have no problem with the body. Of course, this does not mean that I'll undress right and left, but if the role required, and no alternative - I'm ready. "
- Years of training and dancing, but hate the gym and diet.
- Since 2003 is the face of the British jewelry house Asprey.
- Casting for the blockbuster "Pirates of the Caribbean" was held in London, but due to severe congestion in the city Knightley was at the very end of the list of candidates that day, which helped her get the role.
- A few days before listening to the role of Jackie Price ( "Jacket") suffered severe food poisoning - but agreed to whatever was his pass. The creators of the film is very like the way she "played" the scene - because her character, which has undergone many loss and pain, had to appear physically exhausted.


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