Halle Berry Biography

Halle Berry Biography

Parents Halle Berry (Halle Berry) was a very peculiar sense of humor, otherwise how to explain what they called his daughter in honor of the big house, near which lived? This momentous event occurred on August 14, 1966 in Cleveland (Ohio). However, perhaps the house was fantastic, well, at least old, and all the fabulous old houses. He called the Halle Building, and after him have already been named not only the child, but the department store on the first floor - Halle Brothers. Nobody knows what impact on the lives of little Holly more: the proximity to the historic building, or a platter of eastern and African-American blood. But, by now everyone knows this stellar actress.

It is not that easy, Holly was given life, rather the contrary. In 1970, her father, an African American, Jerome Berry abandoned the family, leaving his wife Judith with two young children - Holly and her older sister Heidi. Immediately after the family moved to the "white block", where the baby had to yourself to feel all the charm of racial discrimination. That is why continue it all his life fighting for the rights of blacks. However, difficulties tempered strong character, a stubborn Holly clearly heading for victory. It should be always one step ahead, so as not to give rise to gossip and butting because of his color and low-income single mothers.

Diligence and perseverance to bear fruit. Holly is involved in the life of the school board is the editor of the school newspaper and even the president of the class. However, it was not at all learned by rote bespectacled man, quite the contrary! Holly writes in a section of a support group at a sporting event, is becoming popular among schoolchildren. Is it any wonder that the school prom queen of the ball it was Halle Berry? This was not the first and not last triumph.

Holly in 17 years, easily won the competition "Miss Ohio, then before it opened the way for other prestigious events. So, she wore a crown winner in the contest "Miss American teenager" and even won second place in the popular favorite contest "Miss USA". These successes inspired the her, and she throws the Department of Journalism College of Cleveland, which was not been studying much. Throws in order to become a professional model, but here it disappointed - the growth of 162 cm has been limited. The limitation to the podium, but not for television advertising. Charming mulatto notices famous cosmetics company Revlon, which was then invited to a shooting in their commercials Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford. And Holly is put into this stellar company, and flashes on the screen, advertising cosmetics. It may have noticed, but this is not enough, she wants to appear in this movie.

Holly constantly tries itself to all sorts of auditions and selection. Finally, the first professional acting job - in the TV series "Living Dolls". We can not say that the series was very popular, but among kinosoobschestva it certainly has proved itself. After that, Berry can get a drug in the film "Jungle Fever» (Spike Lee's Jungle Fever, 1991). Entire film crew was just struck by her diligence. The actress is not just played, she tried so hard to get used to the role that even stopped washing and spent much time in communion with the real drug addicts.

More career Holly has developed rapidly. It was withdrawn in the role of girls Damon in the movie "The Last Boy Scout." Once again, the actress shows a very responsible attitude to work, it all immersed in the game, and even danced on the stage of this Hollywood strip club, to feel his heroine. Shortly after the release of this film it falls play on the same film set with the most popular comedian Eddie Murphy in the movie "Boomerang". In the "Boomerang" she played a woman who fiercely fought against slavery. The film was released in 1993, the same year, when Holly was married to David Dzhustisa, the player in baseball. However, the marriage fell apart after a few years.

Next year, Holly role sexual secretary in "The Flintstones", and very serious work in the psychological drama "The case of Isaiah." Holly performs the role of the alcoholic, who threw her baby in the trash. This film has caused a wide resonance in the press, and despite a mixed critical response skills actresses - a barrage of proposals for new roles. After Halle Berry starred in such films as "Father Hood", "Wedding", "Bullvort", "black American princess", "rich man's wife", "ordered the destruction", "Chasing the Sun".

But the real fame and recognition came after a shooting in the miniseries "Meet Dorothy Dendridzh" which was released in 1999. Holly has performed very well the role of the legendary black actress Dorothy Dendridzh, tragically died in the sixties. Holly's talent can not go unnoticed, and so invited her to appear in fiction films "X-Men" and soon in the movie "Password" Swordfish ". Incidentally, in the latter Holly exposed breasts, there are rumors that for this she received an additional half a million dollars.

But probably the most popular girl Holly brought the role of James Bond (played by Pierce Brosnan) in the anniversary film "Die Another Day, but not now." Incidentally, it is so far only the second Bond girl, has received for this role, "Oscar". The first was, and remains, Kim Bessinzher. After that, Holly, along with Penelope Cruz was withdrawn in the very popular thriller "Gothika" and the movie-comic "Catwoman".

To date, mulatto (although she calls herself is black) Halle Berry has a number of awards. The first major award for best TV actress - Emmy and Golden Globe she won for the already mentioned the role of Dorothy Dendridzh. His first Oscar for her role as Holly was in the romantic drama "Monster's Ball". Second, for his role in the Jubilee bondiane "Die Another Day, but not now» (Die Another Day). And Holly, in 1998, was included in the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world under the version of the magazine People. By law.


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