Ciara biography

Ciara biography
Ciara ФОТО
18-year-old beauty hails from Atlanta - a sensation of show business. This girl is very talented and has a stunning vocal abilities, working with the best to date, producers and striking of all his ability to dance.
Ciara ФОТО
Born in Texas, Ciara is often moved with her family: she had to live in Germany, New York, California, Arizona and Nevada, then moved to Atlanta and since most time hanging out with the most beautiful urban producers, among them Jazze Pha, who just Ciara and persuaded to sign a contract with the label Sho 'Nuff once worked with her only five days. Another famous producer Ciara - Lil Jon 'King crunk'a' put his hand up to her debut album "Goodies"
Ciara ФОТО
Ciara is asserting itself as the First Lady of 'Crunk & B', although, in fact, is only the second artist (the first was Usher with his hit single "Yeah"), release a genre of anything. Lil Jon about a new genre: "The songs in the style of Crunk & B, are essentially R & B-shnymi songs that get you spinning! They are energy, make you want to dance." Album "Goodies" is a female empowerment record. Women have force. The woman controls the songs on the album. This is just one of those records for the ladies. "
"I'm so happy I wrote" Goodies "!" - Says Ciara enthuses. "I pray that everybody gets that way, I'd be the desire." In his song Ciara warns: If you're looking for the goodies keep on looking 'cause they stay in the jar "" A guy thinks you're gonna be with him, just because of the fact that he has a thick chain, he is popular and all that. But this is absolutely not true. This does not make me give him my phone number, and, of course, this does not make me go home. I speak only the truth, what I think "- she explains the meaning of the song.
Ciara's success lies in the fact that she was sincere. Her debut album - dose of daily problems faced by every girl her age. Ciara reaches us their thoughts through a simple, everyday language and captivating vocal. Album - a finished work of art, mixed with the everyday life faced by the young and not very.
Ciara ФОТО
"Everyone can find something of themselves in my songs," - says the singer. "They are absolutely for all: for people of all ages, conditions of life and interests ... Of course, the songs are not so personal, what would I like to sing. But I want to be more open on his second album, after I grew up a little."
Taking into account the fact that she was in the music business for about 3 years, Ciara has grown during this time. The singer admits that she is much more mature than the average teenager of her age. "I experienced much more than my peers. All of this industry makes you grow faster than normal child. Extraordinary masculinity Ciara has evolved because of her determination to realize their dreams in life. "I remember watching performance of the group Destiny's Child on television. This was the moment when I really decided: 'I want this' I looked at my friends, who worried about someone who is dressed as, when absent from school, with Who would talk, and I also agreed: "I want to be that someone, I want to be successful. When will this be possible? "
Ciara is not stopped in front of his dream after that day. "I wrote down on paper, I have a goal of becoming a professional singer ... I had to sacrifice many things and I think it was some kind of key to get to where I wanted." I stopped going to the movies, hanging out with friends I even told them: "This month we will meet or talk on the phone." All the same I did not have so many friends, so that the sacrifice was justified. I broke up with boyfriend ... In fact, He broke my heart long ago, and I decided to become stronger and achieve their dreams. "
After that, everything went much more quickly: She got in the group, went out to sing solo, met with Jazze Pha, whom she calls her "musical soul friend". "God gave me life not by chance" - she reasons. "Our way is incredible ..."
And now Ciara is ready to share his fascination with the world, but "That does not mean that I will write abstruse texts and dance to their tracks," - she said. "My goal - to deliver a positive message and show others that they are not alone in their problems and hopes ... I was blessed to be able to give advice to people. I am here to deliver a message and I believe that impression that I have on the people, plays a very important role.
I do not want to write songs just to write. I want to put the soul, the sense in what I write. That gives you longevity.


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