Madonna biography

Madonna biography

Born August 16, 1958 in the town of Bay City, the U.S. state of Michigan. It was the third child in the family, having come into being after the brothers Anthony and Martin. The girls gave the name of the mother (Madonna), and called it Tiny Nonni, that would not be confused with Madonna's oldest. Thus, contrary to popular opinion the name of Madonna's not Italian and French-Canadian origin, as her mother led the family descended from the Canadian French.

Father, Engineer, educated their children in severity, requiring them to compulsory attend church on Sundays and diligent study in school. He forbade them even to watch television. Mother - Madonna Fortin, a very beautiful woman - after Madonna gave birth to three more: Paolo, Christopher and Melanie.

As a child, Madonna, supposedly, was equally charming and mischievous child. She was very fond of his mother. However, she is dying of cancer when Madonna was already more than five years. For girls it was a tragedy. It is two years fell into hypochondria, convinced himself that she, like her mother's cancer. The house became her refuge. Once she left the house, it immediately covered the horror began vomiting. "After the death of my mother - later recalled Madonna - I had an eerie feeling that everything I threw." Messan, Madonna's childhood friend, now an actress and mother of four children, remembers the Madonna as a "very delicate, beautiful little girl with long, dark brown, slightly curly hair. She had a birthmark on his face, from where she wanted to get rid of." Along with Madonna Messan in childhood baked cookies and sold it on the street in front of their house to earn a few cents for ice cream.

Ciccone family was so devout that children raised every morning at six o'clock, that they spent an hour in the church before being taken to the parish school. In 1966 Madonna married the father lived in their house, housekeeper, Joan Gustafson. They had two more children. Madonna, as they say, is not easy adapted to the stepmother.

Outrageous nature girls opened in school: "I wanted to do the opposite - recalls Madonna. - I was forbidden to paint, wearing nylon stockings, have short hair. In protest, in order to attract more attention, Madonna pulled on his legs a couple of teenagers causing often variegated stockings. One co-starred in an amateur film of his friend's home studio, where the plot does not have belly zharilos egg. Then she participated in a talent contest where she danced dressed in a bikini alone. In her beautiful, exciting blue eyes concealed a sharp mind and an iron determination to succeed. Even the loss of virginity is seen as a step in their career. Nevertheless, in a Catholic school, where she was studying, she had only excellent marks. And in high school it is, moreover, became the organizer of school fans in sports, played in the drama circle, engaged in a ballet studio.

Successfully completing school, she leaned to the ballet. With its plastic and natural love of dance, she easily made that the University of Michigan she paid a stipend as the best dancer. About three years she worked under the authority of Christopher Flynn. He was for it all: teacher, father, lover. He also considered her a great person and a better student. But the true love between them could not have arisen - Chris was a homosexual. However, it is with Madonna often visited discotheques, where the men were going to such inclinations. Perhaps it is here that she had learned all their future games in bisexuality.

Suddenly, Madonna decided that only in New York, she will be able to make a career. On a warm July morning in 1978 19-Madonna, I did not listen to his father, sat on a plane to New York. This was her first flight. She came down the ramp at the airport of La Guardia. Since she had a small suitcase, clothing that her ballet slippers and $ 37. Madonna took a taxi, and completely unaware of Manhattan, just ordered the driver to take her to the very center. The taxi driver thought for a moment and took her directly to the hectic, dilapidated, criminal Times Square. The trip cost $ 15 dollars - just under half of the state of Madonna. What was not involved in the future coveted blonde in yellow devil! She even had to work a model. She lived from hand to mouth and, according to one of his biographers, sometimes even sharilas in garbage cans in search of food. One of the hallmarks of its merits - a rare ability to communicate, easy to tie dating. Some time she had to sleep in attics, but soon she accidentally met with Dan and Ed Gilroy - those were his little orchestra.
Gilroy brothers found her place, where to stay, learn to play guitar, and soon became the star of the future to perform with them: she sang, danced, and flies to the rhythm of drummer ... And in order to subsist, moonlighted in ponchikovoy, cloakroom, worked in the art studio of models (the edges of her emaciated body showed through so clearly that they were interested in drawing), and even photographed naked (these photos have surfaced after many years, appearing in magazines Playboy and Penthouse "). In short, she had to spin so as not to starve and pay for audio recordings of their songs, which she unsuccessfully tried to push the discos. Then he broke up with his brothers Gilroy, created its own small ensemble, gradually gained popularity in schools and university clubs. Adolescents and young people adored her, even though experts have argued recording: voice sounded in those years just like a caricature!

But she did not give up. This petite girl growth of 162 centimeters invested in a speech full force of its indestructible power. Eventually she managed to get a contract for the recording studio "Sayer Records, records of which were distributed through the company Warner Brothers. After releasing two successful singles, Madonna released the first album which is called "Madonna". But it was not depicted on the cover of the disc, as she sang in the Negro style, and the record company feared that when he saw that she was white black people would not buy the disc. The album was released in the light in July 1983 and immediately brought her recognition. On this album were made music video, and then all of America could see Madonna in her torn shirt with deep neckline, with earrings, a crucifix, pood chains around his neck ...

The end of poverty! When she was discharged first check with six zeros, she said - "Ok, now do not have to ride on the subway." Two years later she became the queen of pop music, and her condition continued to grow rapidly. By 1992, Madonna and the well-known American TV host Oprah Winfrey had been declared two of the richest women of show business. It was reported that since 1986 the singer was earning 20 million dollars a year. More recently, its annual revenue has doubled. Added to this is really good deal with Time Warner for $ 60 million.

It has created their own record company, Maverick Records, which recorded such artists as Alanis Moriset and Prodigy. Now it works a whole team: managers, secretaries, bodyguards, trainers. Yet she is deeply involved in their financial affairs, squeezing every last penny of the many shows, videos, CDs and video films. "Al-BBC Knightley News" dubbed it "the industry succeed," Forbes magazine, announced "the most beautiful business woman of America," an indication of this is more than enough, according to its earnings in 1991 amounted to about 65 million dollars.

Madonna almost no rest, because, by her own admission, after two days vacation begins languish from boredom and idleness. As a rule, it rises to four in the morning, working on simulators, six already making plans for the day. Then start the business calls and negotiations. At noon it's time to work on the texts and arrangements of the songs, scripts and roles in movies.

With the advent of big money Madonna became involved the acquisition of expensive real estate and art. It is included in hundreds of major collectors of art in the United States. Madonna has a home in Miami, she recently bought another one in Los Angeles, at the same time selling their "pink mansion," stretches in the Hollywood Hills. It owns a chic apartment in New York cost more than $ 7 million.

Meanwhile gathered momentum, and her singing career. Recording her song has always held the highest places in the rankings and charts. Although Madonna and firmly established in show business, her attempts to act in films were accompanied by more failures than successes. Between its first picture of "Desperate search for Suzanne, removed in 1985, and a big success in 1996 - the films" Evita "- were complete failures (" Shanghai Surprise ") and the relative success (" League of Their Own "). Madonna finds herself thus: "I do not think that I'm a bad actress. Rather, I was shot in a bad film.

Her first "adult" romance with actor Sean Penn in 1985 led to the wedding. However, the frenzied media interest and television to their marriage following her attention to Madonna, not Sean Pennu, whose newspapers have started calling it as "Mr Madonna", has become unbearable for the wife of the singer. Began their rivalry for the attention of the public and the press, led to the public display of conjugal squabble. After four years of marriage they divorced. Roman Madonna with actor Warren Beatty, the famous red tape and a womanizer, and to nothing lead. At some point there was talk that it has moved closer to comedienne Sandra Bernhard. Madonna said: "I'm not a lesbian, but I felt lower self-esteem to talk about it. I thought that even if I really was a lesbian, what of it?" What problems? "It's nobody's business!"

On his personal as sports coaches and novice actor Carlos Leon, 30-year-old father of her daughter Lourdes, Madonna said she saw no need to join with him in marriage, because she was "absolutely happy the current state of affairs."

With the advent of Madonna's daughter Lourdes has changed dramatically, reducing the number of his controversial outbursts. But it is well known that Madonna is able to change its image very easily, which was more than once or twice. She was a blonde, a brunette, with long hair and short hair. Dressed in a Hollywood fashion Fredericks and the famous Gaultier, but appeared in the attire of a village thrush, and in strict school dress, and barely cover the body of transparent lace. It is likely that the newly formed mother after some time once again will change the way we understand it.

And so, perhaps, not without reason, her brother Martin, who once called Madonna "genius marketing". Madonna says she never about anything not regret: "I made mistakes, but I studied them." Now she has a little daughter, have a bank account with astronomical sums career in show business and cinema. It seems quite enough to bring satisfaction of a woman who once dreamed that the whole world was at her feet.

But progress is not going to stop Madonna. At the award presentation MTV Music Awards 1998, held on 10 September, her videos Ray of Light and Frozen won in such nominations, as - the best video of the year, best female video of the year, best direction, choreography, camera work and special effects. Only 6 prizes, this is 3 times more than any other performer. Not a bad outcome for a fifteen-year career.


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