Jessica Simpson biography

Jessica Simpson biography

Jessica Simpson was born July 10, 1980 in Dallas in the family, Joe and Tina Simpson. After her family have a sweet pair was born, another girl - Ashley, which incidentally did not miss her too, and we are privileged to behold it vizionomiyu many photographs in obnimochku with Jess, and two of her videos.
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As expected all the pop stars of Jesse liked the music since childhood and her mother often were missing in the household objects, reminiscent of the little girl a microphone. Few grew older, she began singing in a local Baptist church where her father served as minister of youth. In the 12 years she has tried to work in the club "Mickey Mouse" (yes! In the same club), although always dreamed of singing in a choir (but there it does not take place, even when Jessica was older, anyway otmazalis, saying she is too sexy (!), and the boys at Mass bubut think not of those than you need). Alas, the club did not take Jessica, but it was surprisingly stubborn and converted cappella''Amazing Grace of''(''Amazing Grace''), after which she was even able to subscribe to the gospel music label. But three years later, the label closed, but the fervor Jess is no cool down and she continued to work. In the end, she is lucky to sign a contract with Columbia Records, where she was, incidentally, is written to this day.

Jessica first heard in April 1999 on one of the TV show, namely, the "Dawson's Creek" where the song is playing its performance - "Do You Ever Love Somebody".

The first of its single "I Wanna Love You Forever" was launched in 1999 and almost immediately a success, becoming a platinum abundance of sales. Jess even got in a very honorable list of the magazine "Teen People" - the 25 most famous idols of the young and the young. Jessica's debut album - "Sweet kisses" also attracted much attention, but the volume of sales was recognized as double platinum. In addition, she took part in a variety of television projects, MTV, and her co-headlining tour took place in the company of Ricky Martin and a group of 98 degrees, from the clan and her current husband Nick Lachey.
In April, 200 years Jess has 2 awards "Teen Choice Awards" as "luchshayaispolnitelnitsa" and "the best love song of the year - Where You Are".

Also, Jesse was nominated for "American Music Awards" as "the opening of the year" and the "Blockbuster Entertainment Awards" as "the opening of the year: the singer. Now Jesse has already recognized singer with a very well established career and a reputation in show business. However, it is still very young - at 23, you can manage to do a lot more.


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