Premium Screen Actors Guild Awards-2008

Premium Screen Actors Guild Awards-2008

Season awards and prizes going on! The next truly stellar event was the awarding of Screen Actors Guild Awards-2008, which was attended by the most honored actors and actresses.

Last night (early Monday morning, Moscow time) in Los Angeles held a solemn ceremony of awarding the U.S. Screen Actors Guild (Screen Actors Guild Awards-2008).

The event was interesting primarily to the fact that most owners of Screen Actors Guild Award and become the owner of "Oscar" (in the respective nominations). I must say that this year's winners list was full of surprises: the coveted statuettes went without George Clooney (the film "Michael Clayton") and Angelina Jolie (film "Her Heart"), which predicted an unambiguous victory!

She left with empty hands and Cate Blanchett (actress, despite the lateness of the pregnancy, felt obliged to attend the ceremony), and in fact, everyone was sure that her award for best actor in the movie "The Golden Age"!

Кейт Бланшетт

Ева Лонгория

Кейт Хадсон и Мэтью Макконахи

Анджелина Джоли и Бред Питт

However, Angelina Jolie, this fact does not upset: it was on this day such a happy close to Pitt, that was obvious - the top prize in her life she has already received. Flowing dress on the floor gave journalists reason to suspect another pregnant Angelina Jolie, but the actress has abstained from commenting.

Eva Longoria sparkled in a dress with open back and she came without a spouse, and evil tongues once again began to talk about that marriage stars "Desperate Housewives" and basketball player Tony Parker - just a fiction.

Future father (his mistress pregnant) Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson is luminous not only declared the winner in one category, but also shared the joyful news: soon, they once again repeat his acting duo in the next Hollywood project.

The fact that they were dressed in Star ladies, you can read here.

List of winners in the major nominations are as follows:

Best leading man - Daniel Day-Lewis, "Oil"

Best leading lady - Julie Christie movie "Away from Her"

Best Supporting Actress - Ruby Dee, the film "American Gangster"

Best Supporting Actor - Javier Bardem, the film "I'm Not There"

Best stunt - the film "The Bourne Ultimatum" (in the category of television projects, the prize went to TV series "24").


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