Matthew McConaughey's son earns

Matthew McConaughey's son earns

These days, who became the father of actor Matthew McConaughey expanded the list of stars, the bank account which has increased by photographs of the newborn.

Matthew and mother of his son, Brazilian model Camilla Alves, will receive three million dollars for a photo session in which they will participate, along with his son (Matthew and Camilla kid named Levi).

Very soon McConaughey, Jr. will appear on the pages of a glossy weekly magazine, which specializes in celebrities.

Also, the magazine bought the rights to publish the family photos from the first Christmas for Levy, as well as an exclusive opportunity to shoot a wedding and Matthew Kamiily, whenever it took place.


Matthew McConaughey became a dad

Baby Boom in Hollywood continues!

No sooner had we rejoice over Nicole Kidman, as it became known that the light has another star child.

Actor Matthew McConaughey finally became Pope.

Yesterday, the beloved actor, model Victoria's secret Camilla Alves, gave birth to a boy.

No details of the representatives of Matthew has not yet reported - known only as the boy and his mother are doing well, and the newly-daddy McConaughey is on the seventh heaven.

The name of the newborn has not yet given.

Источник: Gamma/ East News


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