Matthew McConaughey teaches son to sports

Matthew McConaughey teaches son to sports

Matthew McConaughey is known as a big sports fan - he loves to run on the beach along the ocean, is engaged in gymnastics and loves surfing (that's where he got McConaughey is one of the best male body in Hollywood). In general, sports on the beach - a favorite pastime of the actor.

Apparently, Matthew seeks to inculcate in their healthy habits newborn son Levi.

Recently, Matthew and his mistress Camilla Alves have seen on the beach with them was Levi - the actor has conquered the waves on a surf board and Camilla with her son sitting on the beach enjoying the sun.

Rather, Levy will grow up to be the same as my father - a tanned, athletic and handsome.

Matthew McConaughey

The first place we give the newfound daddy, actor Matthew McConaughey.

In 2007, Matthew won the title of "the most perfect body to exit at the beach.

It should be noted that since last year, and if changes have occurred, then only for the better - so the leadership in our ranking well-deserved (just look at the photo!).

Design duo Dolce & Gabbana has developed a male version of the popular female line «The One». The idea of news was to create a "real man's fragrance. Guess who became the face of perfume? Of course, McConaughey!

Only pity is that it will soon cease to be the ideal body is a dummy - actor recently made a proposal to the mother of his son, Victoria's secret model Camilla Alves.




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