Matthew McConaughey in the magazine Marie Claire

Matthew McConaughey in the magazine Marie Claire

Face of the new men's fragrance The One, Dolce & Gabbana, sex symbol, a talented actor, an athlete - and it all got a Brazilian model Camilla Alves, is now the envy of women around the world.

Inveterate bachelor, which failed to win even Penelope Cruz, recently became a father, and then suggested that Camilla's hand and heart!

We met with the "Men dreams of many," the actor Matthew McConaughey, mediated by the duo Dolce & Gabbana, who chose 38-year-old Texan symbol of the new fragrance The One.

"For this role we are looking for a man strong, confident, charismatic, physically attractive, sensual and elegant, who could play on their own vanity. Seducer who can laugh at themselves ", - Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana describe the new hero rather cynically.

And here is Matthew. He has a chic, slightly shy smile, beautiful hands and a deep voice with a southern accent. Starts a conversation with the actor.

His aesthetic values were formed in childhood in Texas, where he was born: "I grew up in the countryside, where it was very hot. My brothers were two pairs of jeans, not more. Our clothes were practical. Dressed as intended exclusively for the Sunday Masses.

His opportunities have changed after the success in Hollywood. "I realize the importance of fashion. I love the khaki clothes and all shades of the earth, connected with black. I am absolutely convinced that you should choose colors that suit your skin. But in the evening I am pleased to wear a tuxedo. "

Actor satisfied with his alliance with the Dolce & Gabbana, because he loves them a mixture of hip-hop and the classics, he liked to appear in TV commercial, Jean-Baptiste Mondino in Paris.

"This is something new for me, I would not participate in the advertising, if it is contrary to who I am and my lifestyle. Well, I can not advertise Marlboro - because, even if it's cool, I do not smoke and do not want to be associated with cigarettes! "

Selecting Matthew McConaughey symbol of the new fragrance seemed strange, after he said that does not use perfume not to be anybody like (note that in the same interview he said that he does not use deodorant and underwear).

"I've never had no fragrance, but that I like and I use it. It smells good. And I do not dabble much, because it is not yet accustomed to.

"I like the smell of plants and animals, the smell of the night, when the flowers bloom. - Continues to Matthew, - And still smells of food, herbs, garlic - I love to cook. And honeysuckle - shrub, which grows in Texas near bodies of water - it smells of honey and reminds me of home. "

Matthew McConaughey with his fiancee Camilla Alves and son Levi
A rare man loves romantic comedies, and Matthew McConaughey played in them and not shy - in the movie "Love and other troubles" with Sarah Jessica Parker in "How to get rid of the Guy in 10 Days" with Kate Hudson.

"In these shows the classic" hunt "for a girl with ease, which is not always meaningless, and they present atmosphere of expectation, which we call" Saturday night ". You know that the two must part, so once again be together. I wonder how will it return. And it is interesting to add the feature of masculinity in these comedies. Easy to work with Kate (Hudson once again became his partner in the Golden Fools "), because it adds to the film its share of femininity.

Matthew created the Association Just Keep Livin (The title comes from his film "stoned and confused") to help kids grow up normally from 10 to 17 years: "Even if someone said that to engage in philanthropy has become fashionable, this is a good fashion. Let it save the whales or a trip to Sudan - all better than nothing. "

Источник: Splash/East News

In the policy of the actor that's very far: "I am not in it apart, to intervene" - honestly he admits.

Conservative education McConaughey evident when he confessed: "One of the best parties of success - that now I can eat well. Previously, it was important for me to fill 98-th gasoline instead of 92-th. In the past two years I switched to environmentally friendly products and much more care about their health. The simplest thing that people forget - is water, the most important thing to cleanse our body. I do not purist. I think that pleasure is good, I hedonist, when they talk about food. And yet I am now in better physical shape than when I was 20 years old. Every day I try to do something. I go to the gym yesterday, even went dancing. More than anything, I do not want fear to be a loser! I have to grow - and not necessarily at the same time always be perfect! "

Кадры сделаны во время съемок рекламного ролика в Париже. Режиссер: Жан-Батист Мондино (фотограф и автор знаменитых клипов Мадонны, Бьорк, Стинга, Дэвида Боуи).

Another passion Matthew - music: "I love reggae and is now producing a new album JK Livin Above the Bones. I spent five years in order to find out who it is! And then by chance saw him in the House of Blues in Los Angeles, and we became great friends. Music - it's my hobby, but in the end it became a job. "

There have McConaughey and another project in the work: "I am writing a book for children".

Кадры сделаны во время съемок рекламного ролика в Париже. Режиссер: Жан-Батист Мондино (фотограф и автор знаменитых клипов Мадонны, Бьорк, Стинга, Дэвида Боуи).


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