Jenna Jameson biography

Jenna Jameson biography

Aliases: Daisy, Daisy Holliday
Date of Birth: April 9, 1974
Hometown: Las Vegas, USA
Hair Color: Brown
Volumes: 92-56-84
Height: 170 cm
Breast: Silicone
Tattoo: Yes
Piercing: navel, clitoris
Queen of broken hearts - Jenna Jameson

"Every time I see her, my heart starts to beat in rhythm with the pulse of universal love" - so began one of the first articles about Jenna in the pages of London's Digest "Dreamgirls". It is not just good, it - the best. Jenna - the personification of today's ideas about eroticism and female beauty, unattainable ideal for the thousands and thousands of fans and admirers. You never suspected that her body is something artificial, so skillfully worked with her breasts and lips plastic surgeons. Magnificent ballet training at the London School gave Jenna a unique plastic, and acting lessons from the best masters allowed her to become a queen of the screen. It is enjoyed by millions, but she prefers to hide their own biases and jeering at fans, regularly showing his tattoo on his hip - "Heart Breaker".

Biography and photos of porn actress Jenna Jameson | Jenna Jameson
Photo of porn actress Jenna Jameson | Jenna Jameson


Jenna Jameson is considered the biggest star in an erotic video. There is no doubt that it can be called a porno queen. Jenna has the biggest army of fans in the history of the porn business. It is also the most popular actress and downloaded on the Internet.

Jenna was born in Las Vegas April 13, 1975. In childhood, she attended ballet school, and when she turned 18 years old, started dancing striptease in a local strip club. Soon she began posing nude for the magazine "Penthouse", "Hustler", "Cheri" and "High Society". Then her friend (yes, Jenna bisexual and does not hide it) invited Jenna to pursue a career in an erotic video.

The first role occurred in 1994, when Jenna turned 19 years old. The number of works for this year can be counted on the fingers. This film "Dinner Party", "Randy West Up and Cummers 10, and 11", "Baby Doll" (one of her favorite) and "Cherry Pie" (she hates it). After she underwent surgery for breast augmentation, in 1995, Studio Wicked Pictures signed her exclusive contract. In 1996, Jenna is waiting for rapid success. She gets superstar status and won numerous awards at film festivals. Jenna - the only model that has received simultaneously from the three organizations Award "Best budding actress of the year." In February 1997, it extends its contract with Wicked Pictures for three years, and removed in the feature film of Howard Stern's "Body Parts" / Private Parts /. C 2000 Jenna is increasingly focussing on collaborative projects with other superstars of pornography - the publication of such works as "Briana loves Jenna" (2001), Briand Banks, "Jenna loves Kobe" (2003) with Kobe Tai and her latest work on today is "Bella loves Jenna" (2004) with the rapidly rising American porn star Bella Donna. Throughout his career Jenna co-starred in 75 films, most of which is 1995 - 1997. With its participation in the first place, we suggest you buy movies "Dangerous tides", "Zloebuchka" / Wicked /, "priceless", "Kiss" and "Agency for blowjob.

At the licensed video featuring Jenna Jameson came out:

1995 - Zloebuchka / Wicked One / (Wicked)
1995 - PRECIOUS / Priceless / (Wicked)
1995 - Kiss / Kiss / (Wicked)
1995 - blue movies / Blue Movie / (Wicked)
1995 - Virtual Reality 69 / Virtual Reality 69 / (Wicked)
1995 - Girls on the cover aka Between the Lines / Cover to cover / (Wicked)
1996 - Agency for blowjob / Lip Service / (Wicked)
1996 - The Truth / Pure / (Wicked)
1996 - Conquest / Conquest / (Wicked)
1996 - Phantasm / Phantasm / (Wicked)
1997 - Dangerous tides / Dangerous Tides / (Wicked)
1997 - Flash Point / Flashpoint / (Wicked)
1997 - Heaven / Paradise / (Wicked)
1997 -> Designed for a quick ride / Jenna's Built For Speed / (only lesbian, Wicked)

Jenna Jameson the kiss:

There is a saying: "Kiss - is just a kiss." In my opinion, anything like that. Kiss - is perhaps the most sensible action that is possible between two people. The way people kiss can tell a lot about him. For example, a person seeking to keep everything under control, kisses pretty tough and energetic. Shy expects that the first partner take the initiative, he had soft lips, ready to respond to your touch. I believe that good tseluyus. I like podraznivat partner, gently kissing his lips, the tip of her tongue to trace the outline ... Guys, do not try to shove your tongue in a girl's throat and clean her tonsils. Be gentle and play with it, and you should not focus only on the lips - then there are the eyes, cheeks, which are also needed kissing.


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