Biography of Emma Watson

Biography of Emma Watson

Jacqueline Watson (Jacqueline Watson). He was 44 years old. Works
counsel. With Emma's mom, Chris divorced.

Chris Watson (Chris Watson). She is 45 years. Works lawyer. With his father Emma Watson Jacqueline divorced.

His brother:
Alex Watson (Alex Wanson). He is now 9 years old and he Emma's younger than three years.

Fred Watson (Freda Watson).

2 males - Bubble (Bubbles), which belongs to her and Domino (Domino), which belongs to her brother.

Who lives:
With his mother, younger brother and two cats.

Emma's Zodiac Sign:
Aries. Born in the year of the horse.





Emma describes herself in three words:
Sports, defined and I try to be the best in everything.

Hockey, tennis and rounders (the sport something similar to baseball).

Favorite sport:

What grade student:
In the eighth.

Unloved items:
Geography and Mathematics.

Good books (but not loved!):
Tollbooth Phantom (The Phantom Tollbooth), Seized by the castle (Captured Castle) and Charlie and Huge Peach (James and the Giant Peach).

The first book to read to her by her father:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

Favorite clothing:
DKNY, Gap, Harvey Nichols.

Favorite music:
Bryan Adams, Dido, Samantha Mamba, Suzanne Vega, and: "I enjoy all the novelties on the radio." ( "I enjoy all the latest stuff on the radio.")

Unloved music:
Classical and opera.

Favorite Actors:
Bret Pete, etc.

Favorite Actresses:
Julia Roberts, etc.

Favorite Movies:
All movies with Julia Roberts (Cute women (Pretty Women), Notting Hill (Notting Hill)and T. D.).

Favorite animal:

Favorite color:

Favorite smell of jelly:
Sherbet Lemon (Sherbet Lemon).

Role models:
Julia Roberts, Goldie Haunia, Sandra Bellok, John Cleese.

When I first saw America with his own eyes:
When to go the premiere of the film "Harry Potter and the philosophical stone" in New York.

The issues that most irritate Emma:
Does she love Rupert Grint (Ron) or Daniel Radcliffe (Harry).

Can not stand:
When Hermione pronounce the name correctly, and when this name it is called friends.

Wished for a holiday in 2001:
"I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan." ( "I wish there was peace between America and Afghanistan").

Roles in school plays:
Played Morgan La Fay (Morgan La Fay) in the play "Arthur: young age (Arthur: The Young Years)", Swallow (Swallow) of "Swallow and The Prince (The Swallow and The Prince)", one of the main roles in "Happy Prince (The Happy Prince)" and the angry chef in "Alice in Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)".

At the moment, Emma is no other (and this is very surprising).

Her dream is to play:
American high school student.

Interesting stuff related to Harry Potter
Favorite character:
We Hagrid. "I think he's very good and funny. It is surprising that such a big giant can be so sensitive." ( "I think he's just cool and funny. It's amazing that a big giant can be so emotional. ") - said Emma.

Favorite book:
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Favorite scene:
The scene with the troll in the women's room. "She was just full of different tricks!" - Komentiruet Emma.

Other favorite scenes:
Scene of chess. Emma said: "It was amazing. They were so huge, and I liked their colors. These chess with something similar to bring." ( "They're amazing. They're massive and I love the colours of them. They're spooky as well. ")

Favorite magic trick:
Ignition of clothing Snape.

Would use the cloak-nevedimku for:
In order to sneak into the cinema, where the show films only for persons under 16 years (I wonder what kind of films she had gathered to watch:).

Thing she would have stolen from the magic world:
Chess or her magic wand.

Favorite phrase in the film:
"I'm going to bed, before you even come up with some clever idea to get us killed or worse - expelled!" ( "I'm going to bed, before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed - or worse expelled! ")

Favorite spell:
Petrifikus Totalus! (Petrificus Totalus!).

In Quidditch, it would be:

As Emma wants to finish "Harry Potter":
"I would like to Voldemort died. Then Harry will be no more problems with it. To Ron's dad, I wish that he had indeed become very rich. For parents Malfoy ruin. And I want to Hermione got a really good job." ( "I would like Voldemort to be properly killed - dead - so Harry won't have any more problems. For Ron's dad to get really, really, superduper rich. For Malfoy's parents to go broke. And I'd like Hermione to get a really good job. ")

If Emma really was a witch, she would be ...:
We are pleased to fly.

Filmography 2001:
Harry Potter and the Philosophical Stone (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone).Here, Emma starred as Hermione Grenzher.

2002: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).


The young Best Performance (Best Youth Performance) - Phoenix Film Critics Society (Phoenix Film Critics Society), January 2002.

Outstanding Actress (Outstanding Supporting Actress) - American moviegoer Compensation (American Moviegoer Awards), February 2002.

Best Ensemble in a feature film (Best Ensemble in a Feature Film) (along with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Tom Feltonom) - Young Rewards moviegoer (Young Artist Awards), January 2002.


Best Ensemble in a feature film (Best Ensemble in a Feature Film) (along with Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Tom Feltonom) - Young Rewards moviegoer (Young Artist Awards), January 2002.

Contact Emma

So ... means you want to write to Emma? Well, well. Here are two addresses that I could find. Good luck! I hope you get the answer!

Emma Watson c / o Warner Bros Inc. 3300 Warner Blvd Burbank, CA 91505 USA

Emma Watson c / o HP Production Leavesden Studios POBox 3000 Leavesden, Herfordshire WD2 7LT United Kingdom

And some more information

Emma Watson - the so-called girl, playing witch Hermione

Grenzher in the movie Harry Potter. Starting from a very early age,

three years, Emma loved to play pretend someone. All

Who knew it was clear that Emma would go far as an actress,

because she was all that is required. So Emma

tried to play in all performances, which were set in school,

one of which Watson played Morgan La Fay (Morgan La Fay) in

"Arthur: young age (Arthur: The Young Years)", and then played

one of the main roles "Happy Prince (The Happy Prince)".

At the age of seven, young Emma won the grand prize for the detailed

description of poetry in the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition (Daisy Pratt

Poetry Competition), her school.

In the still early age of ten years, in 2000, Emma Watson

asked to take part in auditions for "Harry Potter and the

Philosophical Stone ", along with some of her friends and

classmates. At first, Emma did not take it seriously, but

after she was summoned to the second audition, she

looked at it differently.

"Harry Potter and the Philosophical Stone" - is the first role where Emma

played professionally. She was one against the many thousands

girls, who claim the role of Hermione Grenzher, and therefore

Emma did not even have dreamed of this role.

Outside shooting, Emma Watson - the usual 12-year-old girl, but only

very self-critical. She likes to play hockey, tennis and

rounders at her school. Just Emma loves to debate, but

most of all she likes the two cats - Bubble and Domino, which

live with it.

That's all)) Ha Ha .... In the end are 2 dates of withdrawal Potter (

movie and book) in Russia

Book 5 - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix comes out on Feb. 7, 2004 (in

Russian of course)

3 movies-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will be released on July 4

2004 ...

like so ... before the meeting ........


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