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Lindsay Lohan was born in the Bronx, and grew up on Long Island in New York. She is the eldest child of Michael and Dina Lohan.

Lohan rose to a wealthy family: her father had inherited from his father's company for the production of pasta, which he later sold, and his mother worked as an analyst on Wall Street before becoming manager of Lindsay. But despite this, Lindsay went to a regular school and only last year was at home studying.

In 2004 it became known that almost all the time, when Lindsay was a child, her father spent in prison. In 2005 he again went to prison for driving without a license and attempted assault. A year later, her parents divorced.

Early career

Lindsay Lohan began her modeling career in modeling agency Ford Models at the age of 3 years.

Movie career

In 10 years, Lindsey made her debut in film in the series "Another World", but later abandoned it for shooting in the movie "The Parent Trap." For his role in this film she won her first award Blockbuster Entertainment Award as best new actress. Five years later, Lohan offered a major role in the film "Freaky Friday", which brought her fame.In 2004, Lohan was starring in the teen film "Star of the stage" and "Mean Girls". At that time, as the "Star of the scene" failed at the box office and received bad reviews from critics, the "Mean Girls" had a real success, gathering at the American box office $ 86 million, and international - 128 million.

In 2005, Lohan starred in the Disney film "Crazy Race", the fifth in a series of films about car Herbie. The growing popularity Lohan gave her the freedom to choose roles, and she hoped that the role of "mad race" will be her last role in films teenage genre.

Her next film, "Kiss for luck", where she played with Semer Armstrong and Bree Turner, proved unsuccessful, grossed a total of 33 million. The film "Friends of the house on the prairie", released a month later in a limited box office, has shown good results collected in the USA 20 millionov.Pozzhe she starred in the political picture "Bobby" about the murder of Robert Kennedy, as well as in the film "Chapter 27" on the murder of musician John Lennon. In May 2007 came the film "Steep Georgia", which is also played by Felicity Hoffman and Jane Fonda. In October 2007, released thriller "I Know Who Killed Me," for which she won a Razzie in the category "Worst Actress"

Musical career

The first step to success in pop music Lohan did, writing the song «Ultimate» to the soundtrack for the film "Freaky Friday". She also took part in recording the soundtrack for "Star of the stage, recorded four songs. She said producer Emilio Estefan, and in 2002, Lohan signed a contract for producing five albums. Two years later, Lohan signed a contract to record an album with the record company Casablanca Records. Her first solo album «Speak», released in December 2004, started in fourth place ranking Billboard 200. By early 2005, the album went platinum. The first single from the album - «Rumors» (born gossip) - has reached gold status, and brought Lohan nominated in the category "Best Pop Video" at the MTV Video Music Awards 2005. By June 2005, album sales exceeded over 5 million copies.

Lohan's second album «A Little More Personal (Raw)» was released in December 2005. The album debuted at 20 line rating Billboard 200, but within 6 weeks dropped below 100 seats. Around the world, has sold more than 6 million copies of this album.

In mid-November 2006 Lohan changed record companies and moved to Motown Records, and in May told the press that writes the lyrics to the songs for their third album, which she said would be very different from the first two. In May 2007, in an interview with MTV News Lohan said that recording the new album will begin in July and will take 7-8 months.

Release of the album, which will be called Spirit in the Dark was originally scheduled for November 4, 2008, but within the specified time release to take place. New release date is still unknown. May 27 was released the first single from the album - «Bossy».

Other work

In 2008 Lindsay released a line of leggings called "6126", this figure of Marilyn Monroe's birth date.

Also, Lindsay is working on a line of tanning products. Estimated project name «Sevin Nyne». Sami tanning should appear with the April 15, 2009, exclusively in the stores network Sephora.


Currently, Lindsay Lohan - one of the most press coverage figures of American show business: the constant news reports of her personal life, gossip and rumors surround the actress photography. Under the careful attention of the press Lohan came in early 2004 (she was then 17) when she started dating with actor Wilmer Valderrama (the pair split in November of that year).

Along with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, Lohan, known as the queen of parties, through their love of nightlife.

In 2007, Maxim magazine put Lohan in the first place in the rating of the sexiest women in the world.

After a series of failed relationships with Lindsay, Wilmer Valderrama, Harry Morton, Kalume Best, it seems she finally found stability and happiness ... the truth with the girl. Romance between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson finally been confirmed by September 21, 2008 in an interview for radio. Now among the media goes quite a few rumors about the impending marriage of girls, but this information has not been confirmed officially.

Problems with the law

May 26, 2007 Lohan was arrested for driving drunk. A search of her car was found "drugs, like cocaine." 28 May 2007 under pressure from relatives Lohan fell in narcotic rehabilitation center Promises in Malibu. July 20, after leaving the rehabilitation center, Lohan, accompanied by his lawyer appeared at the police station, where she fingerprinted and released.

Early in the morning on July 24 in Santa Monica police received a call from the mother's personal assistant, Lohan, who reported that her car and she has fears for his safety. Police later found the woman in the parking lot, Lohan shouted at her and waved her arms strong. Lindsay was taken to the police station, where she took on an analysis of alcohol content. His results confirmed the presence of alcohol in the blood of an actress in a concentration exceeding the established in the State of California allowed the norm. In addition, in the pocket of her trousers was discovered cocaine. Lohan was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with a canceled, and the rights of possession and transportation of drugs. Lohan was released on bail of 25 thousand dollars. A few days later it was reported that Lohan went to drug rehabilitation centers Cirque Lodge is located in Sundance, Utah.

A court hearing was held on August 24, 2007. Lohan was sentenced to one day in prison, 10 days community service, fined several hundred dollars, and she was appointed to a 3-year probationary period. November 15, 2007 Lohan arrived at the Lynwood jail to serve his term, but was released after 2 hours due to overcrowding in prisons and non-violent nature of the crime for which she was convicted. Nov. 12 Lohan launched a community service in the Los Angeles branch of the Red Cross.


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