Alicia Silverstone biography

Alicia Silverstone (Alicia Silverstone).

Born in San Francisco in 1977, Alicia Silverstone began his career in six years - her father, a real estate salesman, made a series of photographs of her daughter in a bathing suit, and these images have begun a constant stream of invitations as the advertising model - including for the movies on television - and the agents soon noticed the young ,,

Alicia Silverstone after the shooting on ABC's "miraculous years" has signed a contract on his debut in the film - in the movie "Passion" (1993) - Alice played the role of a young girl to his ears in love with the old man (Cary Elwes - who was born only fourteen years earlier Alicia.). Prior to filming underage Silverstone legally freed from parental care, in order to circumvent child labor laws, which otherwise would restrict her work hours. However, critics of "passion", flop, defeated, but Alicia Silverstone found compelling - she won two prizes MTV: «The best villain" and "Discovery of the Year", while the evil tongues say that rewarded her for her work in music videos - Alicia Silverstone excited the hormones good half of the country had huge success with three video clips ( «Cryin '«, «Amazing», «Crazy»), the covers for the band "Aerosmith". Then Silverstone starred in "Sanctuary" (1995), starring Jeff Goldblum daughter risky; great success the film had. It is better to have Alicia's case went to the "small screen": she got the role in "Cool and crazy" (1994), and removed Ralph Bakshi part series "The rebel highway" Alicia Silverstone played in distress a young bride.

However, Silverstone, its exciting appearance in films and video clips creepy teenagers, and along with lascivious old, outgrown its testosterone-burdened public. In 1995, she took advantage of their external data in the "muddle" Amy Hekeringa; actress performance that betrayed the craving for comedy, the role of goodwill, a teenage girl from Beverly Hills has earned the approval of critics and gathered a good cashier. Very soon it became an outstanding figure in Hollywood and signed with Columbia Pictures contract for three films in the amount of ten million dollars. Although Silverstone and won countless high school kids, she herself suffers from its career in the school under-trained. However, this circumstance has given its status as a shade slightly, because Alicia Silverstone showing enviable gumption in show business: she is not removed naked ( "Whew!") Has rejected a proposed role in "Beverly Hills, 90210"; agreed to play in Betgel "Batman and Robin", in addition, the agreement with "Columbia Pictures" it reserved the right to a three-year non-exclusive contract for his company «First Kiss Productions». In the film "Excess Baggage", where she acted as a producer, Alicia Silverstone played a young girl, who, suffering from a lack of attention, fakes her own kidnapping.

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