Gwyneth Paltrow biography

Gwyneth Paltrow biography

The world first drew attention to Gwyneth Paltrow, is rapidly gaining momentum as one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, a little more than five years ago. His fame Gwyneth was obliged public appearance at events show business as a girl Brad Pitt. And when people asked, "that the leggy blonde is accompanied by handsome Brad," you could hear a typical response: "This is the daughter of Blythe Danner and Bruce Paltrow." After leaving Pitt and getting rid of the label only daughter of famous Hollywood couples, Gwyneth started to make their own way to achieve its ambitious goal - to become a Hollywood princess.
Gwyneth Kate Paltrow was born September 28, 1972 in Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, grew up in the "city of angels," the daughter of actress Blythe Danner and TV producer and director Bruce Paltrow, the actress chose to film. Family Paltrow moved to New York when Gwyneth was 11 years old. This girl could see his mother, winner of the prestigious world of show business awards Tony, who participated in many theater festivals. While Blythe played on the stage of summer theater in Massachusetts, Gwyneth always come to the performances: first, just as a spectator, and sometimes helping her mother, and then personally taking part in productions, even playing a double role for a couple with Blythe.
Since his debut role - one of the leading roles in the theatrical production of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" - she knew that the actor's game - that's exactly what she would do in his life.
Gwyneth returned to Los Angeles, enrolling at the University of California at Santa Barbara to study for a specialization in human history. However, the ambitions of aspiring actress took up over boring lectures ...
Film debut was for Gwyneth part in the movie "Howl" (1991) with John Travolta. But the really big breakthrough for her was the role of small Wendy in Steven Spielberg's "Hook." Spielberg was a friend of Paltrow's family, and when once Gwyneth strolling with his parents, Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, a famous film director, looked at this time a suitable candidate for the shooting of the film, offered her the role of Wendy. Gwyneth is with great pleasure agreed. After "Captain Hook", which, together with her role performed by such stars as Robin Williams and Julia Roberts, she went on to appear in the title role in the mini-series "Cruel doubt, where the second main role was played by her mother.
Soon the list of films that played the beginning and at the same time, each time also increase the experience of an actress, was rapidly growing. "Anger," "The flesh of the flesh," "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle", "Jefferson in Paris" and "Moonlight and Valentino" - this is their list. Despite the fact that cinemaaudience Gwyneth start slowly and learn to recognize it as a budding actress, a film that made people talk about it, was a thriller "Seven", where Paltrow played the girlfriend of the protagonist in the performance of Brad Pitt. The film became an actress for a kind of "springboard" in all senses. Relationship movie characters on the screen transported backstage, and at Gwyneth and Brad broke this novel.

While Gwyneth career has rested on the rise, she preferred to choose roles in smaller films, bypassing the opportunity to work on big-budget blockbuster. In 1996, along with David Schwimmer Paltrow co-starred in the film "Alien funeral and in the same year starred in the comedy" Emma ". The latter brought her incredible success. Not only to repeat this success, but was able to increase its Gwyneth, starring in the title role in the movie "Sliding Doors". In this fantastic melodrama with a very interesting scenario, Gwyneth plays a girl whose fate at some point the hoof, and the two started their own heroine's life in different dimensions.
After the most stressful of his career in 1998, Gwyneth started filming in the thriller "Perfect Murder" paired with Michael Douglas. It was a very strange couple, as well as Douglas, starring in the role of husband Gwyneth, in real life is a friend of her parents. Despite the fact that most of her peers were playing on the screen heroines of much younger than themselves in countless teen movies, Gwyneth chose the role of female characters older than herself, creating an image of a mature girl.
More career Paltrow entered one of the most important periods. She landed a role, the actress who relocated to a new level: Gwyneth is the winner of an Academy Award, won an Oscar for Best Actress and a faultless game in the movie "Shakespeare in Love." In this film she played the role passionately wants to become an actress young girl who hated herself because she is a woman: the reign of Queen Elizabeth's scene was a place that is exclusively designed for men.
The next film, in which Gwyneth, after a short break, appeared on the big screen, has been beautifully shot thriller "The Talented Mr. Ripley", where the actress acted as goodwill, girlfriend of the hero Jude Law.
Recently Gwyneth removed only in the genres of comedy or melodrama, and more often - in romantic comedies. She found a niche here, you can even say that here it has no equal. Many writers see in advance exactly Gwyneth as the heroine of his opus. Her latest work in this genre - films, "Duets", "Bounce", "Family Royal Tenenbaum," "Shallow Hal," "Possession" and "top view is better."
Gwyneth continues to be actively removed. During the year should go to hire three more films with her participation, and this time, maybe a little tired of the frivolous melodramas and comedies, the actress once again try himself in the drama genre. This will be her next film - "Silvia", narrating the history of relations between the two poets - Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath. In 2004, released another drama - "Proof", where the heroine Gwyneth will try to save the life of a dying father, who has lost the ability to navigate reality. In addition, next year he published fiction thriller "Tomorrow's World" with a story about a reporter who suddenly notices that many of the most talented scientists begin to disappear one after another.
Creative career Gwyneth Paltrow, as can be seen in full swing. And what about her personal life? People close to her people say that in life she was very attentive and sincere girl, despite the fact that the newsreel MovieLine once called it "the most arrogant and complacent" particularly Hollywood. Yet it is equally fond of both audiences and critics. In the privacy of Gwyneth things work simply amazing. After the break with Brad Pitt she had several short-lived romances with the first handsome Hollywood, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. The last two years Gwyneth enjoys the company's charismatic lead singer of British rock group Coldplay, Steve Martin. Let us hope that in it she found her half, in fact, judging by the rumors, they soon married.


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