Gillian Anderson biography

Gillian Anderson biography

Gillian Anderson was born Aug. 9, 1968 in suburban Chicago, United States, but soon, because of the father engaged in film distribution, the family moved to Puerto Rico, and after a while Anderson went to London, where he received his teenage years, Gillian. Despite the fact that her classmates teasing her American accent and was initially unwilling to accept her into their circle, Gillian remembers those days very warm - it quickly permeated the atmosphere of the ancient city and the capital fell in love with Britain for many years. And because the unexpected news that the family returns to the States, was a real shock for the girl.

After London, lost a provincial town in Michigan, Grand Rapids, Gillian seemed preposterous hole. Local boys refused to take Gillian to his company, and she does not much longed to communicate with this derevenschinoy. Gillian did not want to put up with fallen to its share of destiny, and gradually it began to emerge a kind of protest against society, family and the whole world around, the protesters will eventually become a reality rather unusual - hardworking girl Jill one day become a painted-shaven punk mutant, all of its appearance and behavior to manifest its rejection of the surrounding reality. She began racket, as the guys changed gloves, drinking cheap viskar, but for hooligan antics repeatedly been on the brink of departure from school.

But otzvenel last bell and Anderson miraculously transformed from ugly duckling to beautiful swan, though, of course, not right away. After high school, she surprised her parents became involved acting profession and was admitted to the Goodman Theater School at the University of Chicago. After graduating, Gillian went to New York where he began playing in the so-called Out-Broadway theaters, laboring at the same time as a waitress in the local bars. Her first breakthrough in theatrical career began production "Absent Friends", for which she in 1991 was awarded the Prize of the World Theater / Theatre World Award /.

Her First Feature was published in 1992 low-budget tape "Rotate" / The Turning, 1992 / unnoticed by viewers. Gillian almost never offered any roles on the big screen, and go to plays in search of television roles, as she advised her agent, Anderson did not want - the actress has vowed to myself that will never be removed in a stupid TV series. However, after spending a year without work, it seems, somewhat changed its mind and began to try on small roles


... Company executives "Fox Network", picking the actors for a new TV project called "X-Files", wanted to co-worker David Duchovny (actor for the role of Mulder found quite quickly - spiritually, though not yet a superstar, had a rather extensive experience filming in the TV series) was certainly sexy, leggy blonde, a la Pamela Anderson, which she could bring to weekly television numerous male audience. And so, the candidature of some Gillian Anderson, who came to try on the role of Agent Scully, do not even have to discuss, immediately sending her documents in the trash. But the author of "The X-Files" and head of the project, Chris Carter was adamant - that is how he imagined naparnitsa Agent Mulder. After lengthy disputes and troubles, the bosses of the company "Fox" decided to take a risk and signed a contract with the Anderson trial.

Almost immediately after the issuance of the first episodes of "X-Files" TV series adheres to the epithet "cult." We Gillian has created millions of fans around the world, the girls tried to be like her, the guys went to her mind, everything that happens resembled a magical dream.

However, the magic is nearly finished for Anderson pretty sad. In secret, she became connected with the art director of "X-Files" Clyde Klotz: even my closest friends did not immediately recognize their marriage, they have played in Hawaii in the presence of a local priest ... A month later, Gillian announced her pregnancy ...

The worst news in the studio "Fox" and could not imagine: TV series was at the peak of their popularity and withdrawal from it of the main character could only mean the end of "X-Files." However, Chris Carter, and hear nothing like any of the understudy or the closure of the project: he was determined to continue shooting at whatever cost. As a result, Gillian spent almost all 9 months of pregnancy on the set, and, most importantly, almost none of the spectators did not even suspect something was wrong. When it came time to give birth, Scully "kidnapped" by aliens, and then "return" it held a few more episodes in a coma and regained consciousness. Play this role for Gillian really was not difficult, as the birth takes place very hard and the actress is really a lot of time spent in the ward.

Clyde Kottsa for "spoiling actresses" soon dismissed from the crew of the "materials" and their life together with Gillian also not destined to emerge. And with Chris Carter, the actress have deteriorated significantly, the work began to cause dislike, fear remain "Agent Scully" Anderson did not leave forever. She even tried to leave the series, but after a while anyway, and came back with new forces began shooting. And what would it had not undertaken to change its image, no matter what photo it did not appear in magazines, in the hearts of viewers, it seems, will still always be dear Scully ... Well, in my opinion, this is too bad ...


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