Demi Moore biography

Demi Moore

Demetria Gene Gaynes was born November 11, 1962, in Roswell, New Mexico, USA. Not only that her family was alarmingly poor, but moreover, between close relatives have a relationship that does not envy ... The future dramatic actress, was a real life drama: by that time, as Demi turns 18, she had experienced divorce, poverty , alcoholism and attempted suicide. Her father deserted the family before her birth and her mother was forced to marry a seller of newspapers. A non-permanent earnings of the new father's family forced to move from place to place, but still almost all income hapless Danny Gaynes, it was the name of Demi's stepfather, lost in gambling.

Add to its "good" education can only be congenital strabismus, which, fortunately, managed to fix in the end the two operations. Was also drilled a couple of curves teeth. Rumor has it that the nose and the beauty is not passed by surgical intervention. Then Demi flourished .... And decided to try his luck in the modeling business in Europe, threw the institute and went to seek his fortune.

Then she was just 18. In that year it had expected and funerals and weddings. Her father committed suicide, while Demi married rock musician Freddie Moore, who was older than her 12 years. This brief marriage has left the future actress in memory only beautiful name and has eliminated the need to invent a pseudonym. Moreover, Demi and Freddy lived next door to actress Nastassja Kinski, and it is inspired by Demi on to become an actress.

Beginning Demi acting career with the soap opera General Hospital (which also gave impetus to a career Vanessa Mars - we know it by Beverly Hillz90210). After a few flops paintings, in 1984, Demi left the telenovelas and played in the feature film "Blame It on Rio" / Blame It on Rio /

In the same year, Demi starred in the movie "The lights Elm St., where she played a dual role - in the frame and behind the scenes it was kokainozavisimoy spoiled girl. But experiments with drugs behind the scenes had to be discontinued under pain of dismissal.

As a result, 80-years in the life of Demi Moore were awarded engagement to Emilio Estevez, marriage with Bruce Willis and some failed pictures, not counting .... "Ghosts" / Ghost /.

But this was the beginning of the 90's - then the star Demi suddenly skyrocketed and consolidated, as in the hearts of film enthusiasts, and in general the Hollywood box office.

Demi was able to grab success by the tail and played in the drama "A Few Good Men" / A Few Good Men / - of the paintings was truly stellar - Demi company (or vice versa?) Were Jack Nicholson and Tom Cruise. After this role, the audience forgot its previous "masterpieces" - such as "Death of thought" (Mortal Thoughts) and "the butcher's wife" (The Butcher's Wife).

In 1994, Demi was a couple of Woody Harrelson and Robert Redford in "Indecent Proposal" (Indecent Proposal), which won an award for the MTV Movie Awards for the most beautiful kiss on the screen .. In 1994, on the set of the film "Disclosure" / Disclosure /, its expected by Michael Douglas. In this movie, it opened the world not only the soul ... In general, we all know what a beautiful body with Demi Moore ...

Unfortunately, disappointing cash charges for the films "The Scarlet Letter" / The Scarlet Letter /, "Then and Now" / Now and Then / and "Prisyazhnaya" / The Juror /. The only film of the time, which caused excitement and attracted a lot of viewers in theaters called "Striptease" / Striptease /, and then only because the role of Demi Moore, means a maximum exposure ... Then Demi and then became the highest paid actress in Hollywood (at the time) her fee for the "Striptease" amounted to $ 12.5 million.

After this role Demi briefly disappeared from sight, returning shortly with a "GI Jane" and the announcement of the divorce from Bruce Willis. They spent that time together 11 years and had three daughters.

Paradoxically, though, there is not a paradox, the media is always more interested in the personal life of an actress rather than her acting achievements. Maybe this was the reason that Demi has become less withdrawn and disappeared from sight for several years ...

In 2000, after three years of silence, she starred in the film "Two Lives" / Passion of Mind /, then went back into the shadows and only now, after another 3 years decided to thoroughly tackle the return of former glory - a pair of visits to a cosmetic surgeon and the actress in its 40-odd years of competition easily paraded around in bathing suits "Charlie's Angels - Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu. But to be lighted in the blockbuster today, apparently, not enough to attract the attention of the press and Demi starts a romance with a young Ashton Kutcher ( "Just Married ")... It is unknown whether this priniset fruit, but it seems still the star Demi Moore, had set about 10 years ago, is gradually returning to the Hollywood firmament. Let's wish her success!

Interesting facts:
- Demi really enjoys collecting dolls and hopes someday to open a puppet museum.

- Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis Demi is a co-owner of restaurants "Planet Hollywood"

- Demi broke records all of Hollywood beauties on display of the naked body on the covers of glamorous magazines! The first time in 1980, the magazine Oui, and then double magazine Vanity Fair, one of whom was seven months pregnant, really shocked the public.

- Epatage Demi knows no bounds! She came to the famous night David Letterman show, before the release of "Striptease" in a bathing suit, proving wicked tongues, that it is not too fat to play the role of a stripper! But then the actress smogal collect the necessary muscle mass to shoot the film by Ridley Scott's "GI Jane" limited success and popularity, as well as a militant feminist and have doubted its suitability for men!


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