Cameron Diaz biography

Biography Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, Long Beach, California, United States, where he passed her childhood. Cameron's father comes from Cuba (in his veins the black and Spanish blood), worked as a foreman in the California oil company (California Oil Company), and his mother - an English half and half German woman worked as a broker for import-export operations.

As a child, Cameron with her elder sister, Jimena listened to metal, swearing and partying with local guys. Mother, was sympathetic to the musical preferences daughters accompanied her to concerts Van Halen, Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne.

Studying at the Ecole Polytechnique was not in her life, mostly, although notes from Cameron Diaz were above average. Much more important to her was fun, participate in the "support group" at football matches, cinemas and nightclubs, where she drove friends to his broken-down "Volkswagen".

As a child, Cameron Diaz dreamed of becoming a zoologist. House of the girl was a zoo: cats, dogs, birds and even mice and 2 snakes. However, when Diaz was 16, at a party she met photographer Jeff Dyunassom, who invited her to work on the modeling agency "Elite" (Elite).

After high school, Cameron has signed a contract and flew to work in Japan.

Diaz graced the cover of such magazines as "asMademoiselle" and "Seventeen". In one day, she earned up to 2 thousand dollars working for clients such as Levi's, Calvin Klein, Coca Cola and Nivea. Then she struck up an affair with video producer Carlos de la Torre, which lasted about 5 years.

One day, Cameron Diaz stumbled upon a script of the film "Mask" (The Mask), lying on the table, her manager. It took 12 plays and got a role in the film. After the debut in the movie about Cameron immediately began talking about how young talent by awarding her the title of the most promising actress. A month later she started acting in a "black comedy" The Last Supper ", which once again demonstrated her outstanding comedic talent.

Already a year after the debut in the film Cameron gets a hundred of the sexiest stars in film history in the magazine version of «Empire».

Cameron Diaz began to take acting lessons, acting at the same time in different scenes, trying to break the prevailing image of a pretty girl, playing a more important role.

Next the role went to Cameron after Gwyneth Paltrow refused it. In the gloomy romance "Feeling Minnesota" Cameron played in a pair with Keanu Reeves. "Outwardly, Diaz I absolutely do not fit," - says director Steven Beygelman - "when she was not busy in the morning shift, then bought vegetables and cooked pasta for the whole crew, but, in addition to culinary skills, in Diaz bribe me confidence and male humor. There have been no attempts of the stars.
Cameron Diaz

At the filming of "Feeling Minnesota" from Cameron Diaz struck up a romance with actor Matt Dylan, kotoryq lasted about three years.

In 1997, rolling out the picture "My Best Friend's Wedding" (My Best Friend's Wedding), in which Cameron is playing with Julia Roberts.

In 1998, the film with Cameron Diaz in the lead role, "Something about Mary" (There's something about Mary), becomes the most petty comedy of the year, but by Cameron "dries" the entire male population of America. By the way this movie in a small cameo (Jailbird) appeared and father Cameron.

In the same year, Cameron gets a rating of "50 most beautiful people in the world" published in the journal «People». The same list is Cameron in 2002.

Starring in the film "Being John Malkovich" Cameron has earned respect from critics and was nominated for a Golden Globe and other awards (BAFTA Awards and the SAG Awards).

In 2001, for his role in the film "Vanilla Sky 'Cameron Diaz won a Golden Globe as Best Actress.

At the same time, the actress voiced heroine of the popular cartoon years - "Shrek", and in 2004 published the second part of the cartoon, in which ozvuchke Diaz also took part (Cameron fee was $ 10 million),

In 2004, Cameron gets on the 8 th place ranking of the journal «FHM» «100 Sexiest Women". And in 2005, took a similar rating of the magazine "Maxim" 11 place.

For participation in the second part of "Charlie's Angels" Cameron has received a fee of $ 20 million, and became the second actress after Julia Roberts, who earns $ 20 million per film.

Now Cameron meets with the singer and novice actor Justin Timberlake, with whom they are in the near future are going to play in a movie together.

Private Cameron Diaz

Cameron is not punctual, and often late.

In the 18 - year old Cameron Diaz have been alcohol dependence, at that time, she worked in Australia.

In 1992, Diaz was shot in sadiskoy pornography videos later fell into the Russian Internet. As the incident was a resounding trial.

Cameron is very superstitious.

Cameron washed with water marks exclusively Evian.

Rolling Hawaii Surfing (30.08.2003) Cameron broke his nose.

Cameron vegetarian.

Movies Cameron Diaz

Shrek 3 .... Princess Fiona

The Holiday

In her shoes .... Maggie Feller
Saturday Night Live

Far Far Away Idol (voice) .... Fiona
Shrek 2 (voice) .... Princess Fiona

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle .... Natalie Cook
Shrek 4-D (voice) .... Princess Fiona

Gangs of New York / Gangs of New York .... Jenny Everdeane
Minority Report (uncredited) / Minority Report .... Woman on Metro
The Sweetest Thing .... Christina Walters

Vanilla Sky .... Julianna 'Julie' Gianni
Shrek (voice) .... Princess Fiona
The Invisible Circus .... Faith
Shrek in the Swamp Karaoke Dance Party (voice) .... Princess Fiona

Charlie's Angels .... Natalie Cook
Things You Can Tell Just by Looking at Her .... Carol Faber (segment "Love Waits For Kathy")

Any given Sunday ... Christina Pagniacci
Being John Malkovich / Being John Malkovich .... Lotte Schwartz
Man Woman Film .... Random Celebrity

Very Bad Things / Very wild things .... Laura Garrity
There's Something About Mary / All crazy about Mary .... Mary Jensen
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas / Fear and Loathing in Las - Vegas .... Blonde TV Reporter

A Life Less Ordinary / Life is worse than .... Celine Naville
My Best Friend's Wedding / Wedding best friend .... Kimberly Wallace
Keys to Tulsa / Blackmail .... Trudy

Head Above Water / How to stay afloat .... Nathalie
Feeling Minnesota / Minnesota feel .... Freddie Clayton
She's the One .... Heather Davis

The Last Supper .... Jude

The Mask / Mask .... Tina Carlyle


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