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Christina Maria Aguilera (Christina Maria Aguilera) was born December 18, 1980 in New York, USA, in the family Irish and Ecuadorians. The first five years of his life, yet parents are not separated, Christina said in Spanish. The mother's husband was military, and the family always had to move from place to place. As a young mother Christine professional musician. She played the violin in the Juvenile Symphony Orchestra, but after the marriage was forced to desist from further performances. But her daughter received the education that allowed her to fully develop their creative inclinations. The girl's parents separated, and the family settled in a suburb of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). For five years Christine knew by heart all the songs from the repertoire of "The Sound of Music" and often sang at parties with their neighbors. Before school, she decided that when he grows up to become a famous singer.
In nine years, Christina Aguilera for the first time confronted with the glory and frustration that often accompanies the performers. At the competition, which took place on the TV show "Star Search", a song she sang Whitney Houston "The Greatest Love of all" and took second place, although the firm was counting on the first. Upset girl returned home, and there it waited for new troubles. Classmates who she praised their hopes, greeted her with jeers. It is hard to say what exactly happened between the children, but normal relations with classmates Christine restore did not succeed. Later, my mother even had to take the girl out of school and teach her privately at home.
However, all these problems did not affect the desire to Christine's music career. In 1990, in Pittsburgh were playing hockey cup, and a ten-year old girl was entrusted to perform the national anthem. In the same year she passed the open stage plays for participation in the Disney TV Club. Organizers of the show drew attention to the gifted child. By age, she was still too small, but when two years later in "Mickey Mouse Club" appeared vacancies, she was invited to participate in the transfer. Aguilera sang, danced and performed a number of new friends Mickey: Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Justin Timberlake (group "N'Sync") and future star of the television series "Felicity" Keri Russell. Later, she recalled with pleasure the holding in the club two years: "It was a huge opportunity for growth. I liked to be among the kids who have had the same passion that I have."
However, sooner or later ends, and the show closed. Christine has participated in various festivals, and in Japan she sang a duet with local pop star Keizo Nakanishi became a hit song "All I Wanna Do" and starred in the clip for this track. Finally she returned home, and here it awaited a tempting offer. Even in those days, when Aguilera performed a show, it drew the attention of renowned manager, Steve Kurtz. Taking the lead in the young singer's career, Kurtz ordered to make a demo tape of her songs, which then sent the head of RCA Records Feira Ron (Ron Fair). Struck "amazing voice and the beauty of the blossoming" Aguilera, he decided to offer 15-year-old girl a record deal.
Negotiations were in full swing, when the Fairy asked one of his friends with a request to recommend to the young singer for singing the song "Reflection" for Disney's "Mulan". Fair immediately offered Aguilera. Untreated really a demo tape of Christine (she sang a karaoke song Whitney Houston "I Wanna Run To You") was sent to Los Angeles and should be sent herself a performer - her singing made a deep impression on the leadership of the studio. During the additional plays on the spot, the singer showed the broadest range of his voice. She took note of "to" middle octave to "mi" the top. The girl sang "Reflection", and then took part in a promotional tour in support of the cartoon. The song enjoyed great success and was nominated in the following year at Alma Award, and Golden Globe as "Best new song in the movie.
While Christine helped untwist cartoon, she signed a contract with RCA. Affairs were very many, but work on their debut album Aguilera began immediately. Were invited to the most famous American pop composers (Diane Warren, David Frank and Carl Strunken), to write songs. Studio has done everything it can to ensure that the world was able to appreciate the extraordinary voice of a girl of eighteen.
June 22 released the single "Genie in a Bottle". The song won first place in the pop charts, and sales in the month after the release amounted to almost 500,000 copies. The video for the track was in fourth place in the MTV Total Request Live.
Meanwhile, advertising the upcoming album was in full swing. Christine performed in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Minneapolis, Las Vegas. She sang, using the piano as the sole musical accompaniment. In addition to solo concerts, Aguilera performed at the heating-known musicians, where he again sang at the piano. Also, she participated in several popular television talk show. Radio stations playing the song, the rumors grew, and the universal expectation of the promised debut, reached the highest point.

Album "Christina Aguilera" was released on August 24 and has fulfilled all its promises. Also charming melodies "Genie in a Bottle", it sounded dance anthem "Love Will Find A Way", heartfelt ballad "So Emotional", and the blockbuster Diane Warren "I Turn To You". Critics praised Aguilera for the flexibility of her voice and confident treatment of various musical styles, while the record-buying public has contributed to the fact that CD sales has won the first place. During the week of the stores took more than 250,000 copies. Interest buyers continued, and by the end of the year the album went four times platinum.
However, as time showed, ahead of Christine waited for even greater success. In February 2000, she received an unexpected surprise. During a Grammy award in the category "best newcomer" on the stage sounded her name. Although the ceremony Christina wore a dazzling dress by Versace, however, and she had no idea that it will be victorious. Aguilera does not even taken care to prepare just in case an answering speech. "I expect that will hand the award to someone who more singles than me. Macy Grey, for example - her skill is not in doubt, so I thought I should win it. Or some other candidate," - she said, glance in the direction of his former colleagues on the "Mickey Mouse Club" Britney Spears. In May, the girl was waiting for a new award. At the ceremony, Blockbuster Awards, she won two categories - "Best New Artist" and "Favorite Pop Single" for "Genie in a Bottle".
The attention of the audience was riveted to the young rising star, and Aguilera was able to show themselves. At a concert in Milwaukee (Wisconsin) 19-year-old singer, accompanied by six dancers, arranged a show - the team immediately was replaced countless costumes, and she even met Aguilera reverse somersault. However, the greatest impression on the audience once again made no dances and costumes, but her concerns trills. Demonstrating the vocal riffs that you do not hear of her studio work, Aguilera was shouting lyrics like a young Aretha Franklin or Chaka Khan, ending the 70-minute show is a stunning performance of hits from her debut album, "What a Girl Wants".
Hard work and vocal fatigue, caused by the exhausting schedule, Aguilera was forced to cancel several concerts in September. Although she appeared at a ceremony in 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, where the video for the song "What a Girl Wants" won several awards, including Best Female Video, "Aguilera canceled concerts in Boston, Virginia Beach, Syracuse, and appearing on the telethon" the Jerry Lewis Telethon ".
In September, she released her first Spanish-language album "Mi Reflejo", reminding the public about the origin of the singer. "I have always been proud of her Ecuadorian roots. Recording the album in Spanish gives me a chance to better know their Latin American part", - said Kristina. In the disk contains translated versions of five songs from her debut album, the traditional bolero and a few new tunes, which were just as good. "Mi Reflejo" won first place in the Latin Billboard and 27 th on the Billboard album charts. The single "Ven Conmigo" topped the charts of Spain, reaffirming the immense popularity Aguilera.
The day after the release of held its first annual Awards ceremony Latin Grammy Awards. Invited Aguilera sang at the ceremony of "Contigo en la Distancia" and "Genio Atrapadio" (Spanish version of the famous "Genie in a Bottle").
The autumn the singer held a large-scale tour of South America, Mexico and Puerto Rico, during which his singing Spanish songs to the accompaniment of horns. In October, released a holiday album "My Kind of Christmas", which sounded her duet with Dr. John (Dr. John).
And then started studio work on a new album. Aguilera's new disc is called "Silent Night", and he has a brother in Spanish "Noche de Pas". Most of the components of its songs - the classic ballads.

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