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Britney Spears (bio)

Britney Jean Spears was born December 2, 1981 in Kenwood, a small town in Louisiana.
Climbing Britney Spears, probably began with speeches at an early age in church choirs and incredible craving to be famous, her professional performances began only when she was 8 years old. Then she traveled to Atlanta to audition for the Disney Channel Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). As a result, it was considered too young for this show, but one of the producers saw her potential and helped her to meet with an agent in New York. The next three summers she spent in the Big Apple, while studying at Broadway Dance Center and the Professional School of Art Performances.

At 11, she receives well-deserved place in the Mickey Mouse Club. The years spent in the MMC became a turning point in her life. Among the members of this children's show were Justin Timberlake and Joshua "JC" - future members of a certain group "N Sync". Also, graduates of this show were Keri Russell ( "Felicity"), singer Christina Aguilera, Nita Booth (Miss Virginia 1998) and Ryan Rosling of "Young Hercules". After two years spent on location in the popular television series in Orlando, she returned to Kentvud and a full year of study in high school (if she has already turned 14 years old), but listening to songs of their favorite artists (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston) it pulls all the time in that old world, where it was popular and well known. Britney says "I want to be an actress young, cheerful and happy that my work could not understand each.
In 15 years, Britney is making yet another attempt to realize his dream and goes to New York. Since then, and began climbing the star, but not without the help of two people without whose talents Britney would have remained unsolved and - this is Eric Foster White (Whitney Houston, Hi-Five) and Max Martin (Robyn, Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base).

A devoted fan of pop music - her idols were Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston - Britney one day back in New York, full of bright promise. She says: "I always wanted to be a singer. It's all about what I'm most dreamed since childhood." And in 15 years, began her solo career, career of pop singer, in the future - the pop star. At this time, Britney has found that it lagged behind the hugely school program and had to deal with a tutor. "I need serious help in geometry and Spanish" - she said.
At age 17 she released her first album "Baby One More Time", which immediately gains popularity worldwide, the press calls her the queen of teneydzherov, magazines printed pictures of her on their covers, television and radio stations for days on end playing the songs and clips that are not leave the charts, sales of the album breaks in the first place, such success was not expected, after the first clip made another 3, each of which becomes a hit.
In his 19 years of Britney like to be a girl. Like everyone else, she loves bright colors, sparkling drinks, loves shopping, reading romance novels, spend their days on the beach. Energetic and cheerful, cheerful and charming girl from Kentvuda, Louisiana (population of 1200 people.!) Conquered the music world a unique collection of hits from his debut album, released by Jive Records.
Their debut album was produced by Eric Foster White (known for his work with Whitney Houston) and Max Martin (BackStreet Boys, Ace Of Base), fully demonstrates musical curiosity Britney, her desire to change and finding his style. From the gentle melodies "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart" to the wind-song in the style of "funky" "Baby One More Time", from incendiary reggae "Soda Pop" to the soulful lyrics in "You Got It All" ... And in each of these songs his own special vocal style. Britney says "I want to be an actress young, cheerful and happy that my work could not understand each.
Despite the constant communication with their peers, the life of Britney can hardly be called ordinary. Her teenage lifestyle rather unconventional. She rarely engaged in useless things. "I must sing, and I love to travel" - notes the singer.
After the recorded music in Sweden, together with Max Martin and in New Jersey with Foster White, Britney was ready to declare itself to the world. "I love the speech more than anything else and I love when people listen to my music. I know that I had to do a lot for this, but I walked past the school and education, when I lived at home two years ago, I was very much engaged. It is wonderful when you do what you love. And so I prefer to still play music. It is there that I see my future. "

In a recent interview with MTV, Britney said that she always wanted to enter the world of entertainment, and her parents in every way that helped. After his departure from his native city, where they found those who did not approve of her relocation to New York at such a young age, Britney became a role model to other young townswoman, reaching the same creative path.
Over the next year, she seems to be very busy, and in addition to working to promote her new album, she wants to return to the small screen as a guest Dawson Creek. In her confession, she is going to remain long in the music world. "I want the music has always been part of my life" - she said.


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