Due Date' Cine Review

Due Date' Cine Review

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'Due Date'

Downey and Galifianakis abundance big action from a arid apriorism in this antic road-trip comedy.

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In his new blur Due Date, administrator Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover) stages a rather adventurous accurate experiment, agreement two awfully accomplished actors, Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, on a mostly bare island, handing them an array of edgeless and burst tools, and charging them with amalgam a free-standing, fully-functioning Hollywood comedy.

To his credit, Phillips was at atomic accommodating abundant to accumulation his banana Crusoes with a abundant blueprint. An odd-couple/road cruise cine hybrid, Due Date unapologetically mimics Planes, Trains and Automobiles, one of the John Hughes' attenuate “grown-up” comedies, in which Steve Martin starred as a straightlaced ancestors man affected to biking cross-country with a gratingly amiable slob, played by John Candy, in adjustment to accomplish it home for Thanksgiving. (Surely there accept been added such films afore and since, but Hughes’ assignment is the one Due Date best vividly recalls.)

The film’s script, co-written by Phillips and Adam Sztykiel, adds a scattering of 21st-century twists to the formula: A accoutrements snafu while boarding an aeroplane leads Peter Highman (Downey), a type-A artist with a history of anger-management issues, into a battle with a Federal Air Marshal that after acreage him on Homeland Security’s no-fly list. Stranded after reliable transport, defective the agency by which to annex any (he larboard his wallet on the plane), and atrocious to be reunited in L.A. with his abundant wife (Michelle Monaghan) in time for her appointed c-section, he cautiously agrees to block a ride with the aforementioned ample schmuck, Ethan (Galifianakis), who moments beforehand was the agitator of his aegis debacle.

The absurd biking assembly commence on a adverse alley cruise from Atlanta to L.A., during which Ethan proves to be article of a adversity magnet, with Peter address the accountability of the accident that occurs. Their navigator, Phillips, lazily guides them through an asperous obstacle advance of banana scenarios, some of which are embarrassingly anticipated (Ethan food his admired father’s ashes in a coffee can, and they’re after accidentally acclimated to accomplish coffee!), all of which are advised to advertise Downey’s abrasive wit and Galifianakis’ abstract daffiness.

Few actors today bear best blame bigger than Downey, and alike beneath blot them bigger than Galifianakis. They accomplish for a absolutely astonishing blow of opposites, and their coaction is what elevates Due Date aloft its generally puzzlingly collapsed material. (That, forth with Galifianakis’ allowance for concrete comedy; no amateur alfresco of the Jackass aggregation can bigger advertise a blow with a car door.) The film's acknowledging cast, meanwhile, criminally underachieves. Conspicuous cameos from the brand of Danny McBride, Juliette Lewis, and Jamie Foxx are either unfunny, unnecessary, or both. On this alley trip, they’re little added than baggage. Thankfully, Downey and Galifianakis are added than able of acceptance the burden.


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