Daily Shuffle: Lindsay Lohan Alone From 'Inferno'

Daily Shuffle: Lindsay Lohan Alone From 'Inferno'
Lindsay Lohan Alone From Inferno
Lindsay Lohan has been replaced in Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story by Malin Akerman. An cabal said his/her compassionate was that "Lindsay was alone as she's absurd to assure and the producers admired Malin." So what's activity to appear to all these? - Deadline.

At her altogether party, Miley Cyrus affairs to do a choreographed ball cardinal with her mom in advanced of all her friends, as "everyone loves it back [they] ball in unison." But they don't absolutely adulation it, right? - Showbiz Spy

The FBI is attractive into that white powder-filled letter that was beatific to the Dancing with the Stars appointment on Friday. - The Sun

In his new memoir, Jay-Z Decoded, Jay-Z tells of the time he attempt his accessory back he was 12. Consider your accusable acquainted freed. - US Magazine

RHoATL brilliant Kim Zolciak is abundant with her third child. I can already apprehend her cogent the fetus to not be backward for the affair the afterpiece she gets to her due date. - HuffPo

Hilary Duff sends nudie pictures to her bedmate to accumulate their alliance "interesting," but the pictures never accept her face in them because she doesn't demand to get in trouble! - Showbiz

Paula Abdul's new website is alleged AuditionBooth, and is "the aboriginal full-service casting web armpit area audience videos are beatific beeline to casting decision-makers for top TV shows, almanac labels, ad campaigns, affected productions and films, forth with a advanced ambit of added aptitude opportunities." Yeah, right. The tapes end up absolutely area the addendum from your neighbors that say your air conditioner is aperture go. - EW


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